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Quotes: Highly-Visible Ninja
Word of advice. White isn't a good color for stealth.
Dragon, Antihero for Hire

While most ninjas are notorious for being silent assassins of the night, it's nice to see one who's not afraid to climb trees and wear neon dresses.

Apparently the "traditional Japanese arts of ninjitsu" don't include stealth...
Bridget, Guilty Gear XX

Hold on a second. Aren't the ninja of Ikaruga supposed to be super-stealthy and stuff? ...You're so incredibly loud... and scruffy...
Makoto to Bang Shishigami, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Arcade Mode

Bang Shishigami...he's a ninja from Ikaruga, supposedly, and he has a big X-shaped scar on his face. He's said to talk very loud, and very often. He's scruffy and sweaty and... he doesn't sound very much like a ninja, now that I think about it...
Sena, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Story Mode

Aya: Born in darkness, living in darkness... such is the fate of a ninja! I am Aya, ninja warrior!
Misty: But don't you think that color's a little bright for a ninja?
Aya: I don't need your fashion report!

Ninja Rick: Is Batman a ninja?
Galasso: Only when he's neon green!

I wish Ryu Hayabusa would go back to his NES era costume. Blue is a more badass color for a ninja since it says "I'm so sure I can kick your ass I don't even need to blend in!"

You call yourself a ninja, but you stand out far too much. Is your clothing not a hindrance to your work?

Purple? Rain chooses his wardrobe most curiously.
Jade, Mortal Kombat

Miharu: ...Hey, mister... Isn't that embarrassing? That ninja look.
Random Ninja: Shut up!!!

Ninja #1: NINJAS!

When you need to go deep undercover, one disguise is not enough! Put a hood over that ski-mask, then wrap a towel around it. Boldly announce to the world that you are inconspicuous!
— Description of the Dashin' Hashashin, Team Fortress 2

Intelligence operations funded with blood draw more attention than those funded with cash.

Waiter: That man does not look anything like a ninja.
Chef: Ah, but that is exactly what a ninja should look like.
— Staff of a French Ninja Restaurant discussing this trope, Freefall.

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