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Quotes: Handsome Lech
"A gentleman is simply a patient wolf."
Lana Turner

"He's just one big hormone walking around the ship!"
Neelix on Tom Paris, Star Trek: Voyager

"Say, why don't you come over here and...hey, watch the hair!"
Blood Elf Male, World of Warcraft

Doctor: You mind flirting outside?
Jack: I was only saying hello.
Doctor: For you, that's flirting.
Lynda: I'm not complaining.
Doctor Who gets a Running Gag rolling, "Bad Wolf"

A boy with the looks of a little angel, but with the mind of an old pervert.
Double Fine's Psycho-pedia on Nils Lutefisk

"I just had dinner with two women at the same time. 'Cause I'm a stud."

Kagura: Noel, babe. Did you know, that the light that emanates from something beautiful can cause a person to lose themselves?
Noel: Huh?
Kagura: That is... Your eyes. Please don't take your gaze off me. I want to get lost in them.
Noel: Huh? What? Whaaaaaat!?
Kagura: *drawing closer, winking* "A night, warm as the summer breeze..."
Makoto: SQUIRREL POWER! *Whack!*
Kagura: Reversal! *Falls down in pain*
Makoto: That, Noel, is the kind of man you never let come near you, got it?
Kagura: Your body... It's perfect. You could rule the world with that bod, Makoto.
Blazblue: Chronophantasma

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