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Quotes: Five-Man Band
Caboose: Okay, Tucker is the fighter. Crunch-bite is the healer. And I am the powerful, and intelligent, wizard: Morph-Yoo-Max!
Andy the Bomb: What the hell does that make me?
Caboose: You're the good-looking and stealthy archer.
Andy the Bomb: A bow and arrow? I don't have any arms you freakin' moron.
Caboose: That is what makes you so stealthy.

Tenaya: Red is the perfect one, Black is the brooding bad boy, Green is the clown, and Yellow, well, she's the girl. So, what are you supposed to be?
"Fox Force Five. Fox as in we're a bunch of foxy chicks. Force as in we're a force to be reckoned with. Five as in there's one-two-three-four-five of us."
Mia Wallace, Pulp Fiction

Lita: We're totally a full-fledged team now, yo!
Amy: Why are we now a team? Were we waiting for a fifth person this whole time?
Amy: No, really, why is this a team? We have four planets and a moon. What about the other planets-

Okay, I'll be The Leader, Milhouse is my loyal sidekick, Nelson's the tough guy, Martin's the smart guy, and, Rod, you're the quiet religious guy who ends up going crazy.
Bart Simpson, The Simpsons, "Lemon of Troy"

Gunn: So, I guess I'm the muscle, huh?
Wesley: Sorry?
Gunn: Angel's the man on the card. It's his world. I'm not a leader no more. Don't got that champion's heart like Cordy. And the brains - that was you. So that leaves muscle.
Angel, "Spin the Bottle"

Planet Earth is in trouble, and these guys have to protect it. They are...
Calvin, the leader and inventor...
Plus me, the Mini-Time Machine, also known as the MTM, and also known as the Rock.
No one ever calls me that, though.

Tarquin: Really, Malack, it's fairly obvious. They're a classic team: fighter, rogue, wizard and cleric, with a jack-of-all-trades bard as the fifth man.
Malack: And the halfling?
Tarquin: The foil, I imagine. It'd get terribly dull without a little internal conflict, you know. Frankly, when 4-6 high-level adventurers show up on my doorstep at the same time, I assume they're a team until disproven.

Chris: So... you're the cool one, you're the funny one, and you're the...
Beth: Girl.
Bravest Warriors, "Memory Donk"

Mac: The reason that shit hasn't been working out for us is because we are not working with our full crew! I'm the brains, (to Dennis) you're the looks, Charlie's the wild card, and Frank is the muscle.
Charlie: Well, what's Dee?
Mac: She's the useless chick!
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, "The Gang Solves The Oil Crisis."

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