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Quotes: Failed a Spot Check
Anne: Well, he did offer to translate something for me first, but I probably should have said something before I picked him up.
Translator Man: She came straight out of nowhere! It was quite a shock!
Anne: I was right in front of you... I'm not sure how you didn't realize I was there.
Translator Man: ....Straight out of nowhere!

C-Sec Customs: A few changes were made to reduce the risk of geth infiltration. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Legion (a geth): Geth do not infiltrate.
C-Sec Customs: You should leave your personal synthetic assistant at home. They're not allowed on public shuttles anymore.
Legion: ... Geth do not intentionally infiltrate.

Twilight I don't understand; [the Star Swirl the Bearded Wing is] supposed to be right here. How are we supposed to find it now?
Pinkie Pie: Maybe we should ask somepony in the Star Swirl the Bearded Wing.
Ryan: [Boat equipped in his hand] Hey, where's my boat?
Rooster Teeth's "Let's Play Minecraft" "Episode 33 - Achievement Racetrack"

Crow: Hey, Mike! Could you hand me my plans? [Paper flies into mouth] Thank you! Why, look at that: "Breach hull, all die!" Even had it underlined!

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