Quotes / Elves vs. Dwarves

Zevran: Hello, my stocky little friend!
Zevran: Ah. This is where we begin the typical dwarven/elven rivalry, is it?
Violet: How in all hells did that thing sneak up on us?! You're the one with the elven eyes! Elven! Eyes!
Hannah: Don't pull that shit on me! My mother is near sighted and I'm just a product of familial traits! I suppose you just love dwarven ale... Because you're a dwarf!
Violet: You know I only drink wine! And do you seriously think my people only brew one kind of beer and then, with the creative imagination of a donkey's cock, name it dwarven?!
Hannah: Well, I only know one dwarf who drinks wine as a matter of principle. And it's really godsdamned obnoxious, you know that?