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Quotes: Eagle Eye Mysteries
Notable quotes from the Eagle Eye Mysteries game series:

Nancy: (player's name) is getting famous all over the world!
Jake: At this rate, we'll be asked to solve mysteries in famous, far-away lands!
(about the player, following the outcome of "Case of the International Idol")

I tell my pop that there's more to life than tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. But every time I talk to him about how I want to be a vet, he just goes on about how I'm going to run his pizza parlor for him one day...Next year'll be different, though. With all the scholarships I've gotten, I'll have no trouble getting into a top college, and then I'll be able to go to the best veterinary school in the state! I bet Dad'll be proud of me then!
Anthony Carrichi, regarding his father in EEM Original

I think it's unnatural to have such a creature as a pet! You two should have a cat or a dog - not that nasty lizard!
Mrs. Meniski, about the Eagles' pet iguana Watson

Funny thing about those Cheswicks. Everyone knows OF them, but no one seems to really know ABOUT them. Where they came from is anyone's guess.
Aunt Miranda, regarding Lord and Lady Cheswick in EEM London (this statement is the game's greatest Foreshadowing)

So-called security here in England is no better than the dreadful English cooking!
Madame Le Chaton, a French reporter in EEM London's "Case of the Renegade Raven"

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