Headscratchers / Eagle Eye Mysteries

Nagging issues from the Eagle Eye Mysteries game series:
  • In EEM London's "Case of the Rajah's Ruby," the eponymous ruby is stolen by Macavity and later retrieved by the Eagle Eyes...and then bought at auction by Macavity, legitimately. So how come we never hear of the ruby's eventual fate after Macavity's escape at the end of the game? (Also see What Happened to the Mouse? on the main page.)
  • From the same game's "Case of Blood's Bold Bauble": Seriously, David Herrick of the Ritz Hotel—being fooled by a pair of glasses and a transparent lie?
    • Or, for that matter, the Eagle Eyes stooping to lying in order to get info from Herrick—even though an earlier mystery from the same game, "Case of the Phony Prevaricator," has your partner insisting at its conclusion that you should never lie to them after the events of that mystery...