Funny / Eagle Eye Mysteries

Funny moments from the Eagle Eye Mysteries game series:

  • In EEM Original, Book 2's version of "Case of the Runaway Reptile" has the detectives go to the local pet store. While there, they see two baby iguanas in a tank. If you click on the tank, a narrative box describing the iguanas comes up:
    The baby iguanas refuse to answer any questions.
  • In EEM London's "Case of the Marlford Murder," Count von Coburg constantly breaks the reality of the murder mystery party despite the fact that he's supposed to be the "dead" victim. Including one moment when the detectives find a clue that may point to his "killer":
    Count von Coburg: Good show, (player's name)! That's the big clue I've left you in mein death scene.
    Jake/Jennifer: Ahem...thanks, corpse.