Awesome / Eagle Eye Mysteries

A list of awesome moments from the Eagle Eye Mysteries series of games:

  • In EEM Original, during Book 2's version of "Case of the Midnight Masquerade," the kids ask movie star Amy Jolanna for an autograph, taking into consideration that she was robbed of her sapphire tiara some time earlier...and they get the autograph.
    • Later, after the mystery is solved, the detectives get to ride with Amy in her private limousine to the opening of her newest movie at Richview's Egyptian Theater, as her way of saying thanks for retrieving the tiara.
  • In terms of overall gameplay in EEM Original, the player can achieve this on a personal level if he/she manages to select the right clues and the right suspect for even one of the cases in the Challenge Book without making a mistake on the first go.
  • A personal CMOA is possible in EEM London if the player can get the right clues to accuse the guilty suspect in "Case of the Envelope Espionage" in as few tries as possible - or even on the first try.
  • Speaking of "Case of the Envelope Espionage": Ved Maringh vehemently defending his daughter Rae's innocence of the charge of tampering with Sir Toby's top-secret envelope. This, while Ved himself is also a suspect—yet he's protecting his daughter before himself.
    Ved: The first thing I must make very clear is that my daughter is quite innocent!
  • In "Case of the Vaporous Victorian," a tennis star sees visions of her ancestor who bucked Victorian gender roles by wanting to be an architect and was disowned by her family, warning her not to make the same mistake. You quickly learn that even if the ghost was real, it's nonsense, as she didn't just die penniless like her family assumed, but became a successful architect in America.