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Quotes: Couldn't Find a Pen
Jesus: How could you figure all that out from a stick figure...did you draw that in blood?
Axel: Riku's blood.

The red letters smelt faintly of iron, making it clear what the "ink" was.
Baccano!! 1933 - The Slash

Abraham Lincoln learned to write by making marks of coal on the back of a shovel. He wrote the Gettysburg Address on a train, on the back of an envelope. He had a pathological fear of normal paper.
Dave Barry, "Birthday Celebration"

"I can never find a pen...Told those kids not to move the pen away from the telephone. God damn kids. Why don't I just kill them, too..."
— Preamble to the funniest suicide note ever, George Carlin

L: You can be incredibly creepy when you want to be.
Light: Creepy?
L: You question whether writing a message to someone in another's blood upon the floor is creepy?
Light: I suppose you have a point there L, but it was the only writing material I knew the man would have readily available.

*Bob pokes his finger to write "SEE YOU SOON BART" in blood. He then whips out a sheet of paper and starts writing with his bloody finger.*
Bob: *Narrating aloud* Dear "Life in these United States", a funny thing happened to me...uh...*[faints]*
Snake: Use a pen, Sideshow Bob!

Aziz: (looking at a pile of corpses) Man, we really need to get a marker board or something. This is gettin out of hand.

Ah, good old Subject 16. He repainted my room you know... with his blood.
Desmond Miles, Assassin's Creed II

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