Quotes / Comically Small Bribe

"How dare he try to bribe me, thought Moist. In fact, that was his second thought, that of the soon-to-be wearer of a gold-ish chain. His first thought, courtesy of the old Moist, was: how dare he try to bribe me so small."

Sam: Maybe a few...Washingtons will help change your mind?
Max: Or maybe a few...Lincolns?

Imp: What's in it for me?
Skitter: I'm supposed to bribe you?
Imp: Fo' sho.
Skitter: Ice cream. I'll pay for it, you pick it up.
Imp: Sweet!
Skitter negotiating with her teammates, Worm

"You've got a '65
Chevy Malibu
With automatic drive
A custom paint job too
I'll trade ya for my old wheelbarrow
And a slightly used sombrero
And I'll even throw in a stapler, if you insist"
"Weird Al" Yankovic, "Craigslist"