Quotes / Bury Your Gays

"Kudos for including such a well-developed gay character! Have you figured out how you're going to kill them yet?"

Luffy: "I thought you died after you sacrificed yourself to save us!"
Bon Clay: "Nonsense, Queers never die."

Gettin' your kicks in another girl's bed
And it was only last Tuesday...
They found you in the subway, dead!
Elton John, "All the Girls Love Alice"

Let us even go so far as to say that this kind of relationship can sometimes be almost beautiful — particularly if one of the parties is already dead; or better yet, both.

"One of my gay friends has this kind of sad hobby in which she watches every lesbian movie she can find, trying to find ones that actually end up with the women not either dying or breaking up. I think the most positive one she’s found is D.E.B.S."
BioWare writer Patrick Weekes

"In all the films, the transvestites hang themselves twenty minutes in. No, let’s have all the alternative sexuality people who are existing at the end of the film and all the straight people are dead—we’re in there with the feral dogs."

"XV. And be it enacted, That every Person convicted of the abominable Crime of Buggery, committed either with Mankind or with any Animal, shall suffer Death as a Felon."

"Sec. 3. The infamous crime against nature, either with man or beast, shall subject the offender, on conviction thereof, to death"

new trope: lesbians that live through literally anything, to the point of hilarity. lesbian brings a knife to a gun fight, wins.

lets make a new trope: gay characters who are actually seemingly impossible to kill to the point that all of their enemies are comically frustrated. functionally immortal gay characters. being gay making you immortal. unkillable gay trope.