Quotes / Brother–Sister Incest

"Of brother and of sister, be a bar
'Twixt my perpetual happiness and me?
Say that we had one father, say one womb
(Curse to my joys!) gave both us life and birth;
Are we not, therefore, each to other bound
So much the more by nature? by the links
Of blood, of reason? nay, if you will have it,
Even of religion, to be ever one,
One soul, one flesh, one love, one heart, one all?"

Rimmer: Well, I'd have thought it was obvious. Two people, unable to contain their desires, had an illicit liaison. A liaison that an unforgiving society would not accept. And you were the fruit of their forbidden passion. You're forbidden passion fruit.
Lister: What are you saying?
Rimmer: I'm saying, Lister, that there's a very real possibility that your parents were brother and sister.
Red Dwarf, "The Last Day"

"If he marries your mother, Marge, we'll be brother and sister. And then our kids… they'll be horrible freaks with pink skin, no overbites, and five fingers on each hand! [Homer imagines the freakish kids] Aaah!"
Homer, The Simpsons ("Lady Bouvier's Lover")

Jessica: Yeah the Cullens are all together, like together together. Uh, the blonde girl, that's Rosalie, and the big dark-haired guy Emmett, they're like a thing. I'm not even sure that's legal.
Angela: Jess, they're not actually related.
Jessica: Yeah, but they live together. It's weird.

Caligula: To tell you the truth, I couldn't give a damn about Drusus and Nero.
Claudius: But they're your brothers.
Caligula: Yes, I know. But then you don't like Aunt Livilla and she is her sister. Now I love my sisters, uncle.
Claudius: Yes, I know...

"I am what you would call a troubled young lady. I am going to explain myself so there won't be any misunderstandings. I am not troubled with the fact that I love my own brother. I seriously love Mikiya to the point where I can't believe it myself. I got adopted by my uncle, entered a boarding school in Reien, and lived away from Mikiya so that he would forget about me being his younger sister."

"Son of God or son of man, Marseille; you can't fuck your sister and expect much good to come of it."
Herr Starr, Preacher

Leia: Luke's my brother.
Han: Then why were you always kissing?
One Man Star Wars

Princess Leia: I kissed my brother once.
Cersei Lannister: That's cute.
Online meme

"You fucked your sister! You little pervert!"
Atia, Rome

Kyousuke: The concept of love between siblings is accepted as a legitimate theme under official publishers! Is there any difference between them? No. New stories, old ones, they're all the same!
Ayase: W-what are you doing, dragging gods into our story!?
Kyousuke: Love between siblings has always been an inherited story, ever since the era that humans first appeared!!

"It wouldn't be a traditional Norfolk wedding without a speech from the father of the bride and groom."

"But then why is it so terrible for me to be with the girl I love? Everyone else is permitted to have what they want, express their love as they please, without fear of harassment, ostracism, persecution, or even the law. Even emotionally abusive, adulterous relationships are often tolerated, despite the harm they cause others. In our progressive, permissive society, all these harmful, unhealthy types of "love" are allowed—but not ours. I can think of no other kind of love that is so totally rejected, even though ours is so deep, passionate, caring, and strong that forcing us apart would cause us unimaginable pain. We are being punished by the world for just one simple reason: for having been produced by the same woman."
Lochan Whitely, Forbidden

"Your father is your brother,
Your sister is your mother,
You all fuck one another -
The Norfolk family!"
Football chant directed by the other side's fans at followers of Norwich City F.C. Sung to the tune of The Addams Family theme song.