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Quotes: Badbutt
"You can call me Knuckles. Unlike Sonic I don't chuckle. I'd rather flex my muscles."
Unknown from M.E., Knuckles's Image Song from Sonic Adventure

"All hail Shadow, heroes rise again! Obliterating everything that's not your friend!"
All Hail Shadow, Shadow the Hedgehog

"His coconut gun can fire in spurts. If he shoots ya, it's gonna hurt!"
DK Monkey Rap, Donkey Kong 64

"Fart you, butthole."

"Oh dear, the skinheads are so appallingly written and performed you feel sorry for the actors having to chew on such a middle class BBC approach to young thugs. 'What are you, social workers?' Ooh, better watch out. With language like that this lot is likely to do you a mischief."

Chris: Clark bought a ton of dumb leather jackets on his Red K spending that he’s properly suited up in Bad Boy attire, he does the most rebellious thing possible: He drives to school and picks up a classmate so that they can get there on time. And his parents react like he’s just murdered a bucket of kittens.
David: If they’re that rebellious right now, why are they even going to school?
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Smallville, "Red"

"Lethal Ninja is about a crime-ridden city, and the judge who is trying to clean the city up takes a handwritten business card that says "HIRE ME," calls a guy with a perm, and the guy with the perm's going to clean up crime in the city by mildly annoying the city's criminals. He's going to run past them in a comical wide shot and steal their car keys and run away; and he's going to sneak up behind them and blow away their cocaine."
Best of the Worst on Lethal Ninja (1992)

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