Playing With: Spanner in the Works

Basic Trope: A character, like The Ditz, a Cloud Cuckoo Lander, or The Fool, ruins a plan completely by accident.
  • Straight: Bob The Fool accidentally derails Emperor Evulz plan to Take Over the World by accident
  • Exaggerated: Bob The Fool unintentionally derails an entire Gambit Pileup between several factions... One that had been going on for millennia prior to his unexpected involvement!
  • Downplayed: Bob The Fool only complicates Evulz's plans.
  • Justified: Bob is Too Dumb to Fool for Evulz to manipulate him into his plans.
  • Inverted:
  • Subverted: It may appear that Bob has destroyed Evulz's plans, but Evulz had changed his plans in case someone were to ruin it.
  • Double Subverted: ???
  • Parodied: Bob The Fool derails Evulz attempts to Poke the Poodle.
  • Zigzagged: Sometimes, Bob inadvertently derails Evulz plans. Other times, Bob has unintentionally advanced Evulz in some way.
  • Averted: Bob The Fool has not derailed Evulz's plans to Take Over the World
  • Enforced: "Evulz is a Devil in Plain Sight who can fool nearly everyone. We need to find someone who can ignorantly break his plan.
  • Lampshaded: "Did that idiot just broke my plan by accident!? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
  • Invoked: ???
  • Exploited: John, a Guile Hero, notes that Bob is an idiot, and, with a few supervisors for the latter, use Bob as an Unwitting Pawn against Emperor Evulz. Bob, being the idiot he is, is unaware of this.
  • Defied: Emperor Evulz have his guards set fences, strictly enforce the "No Commoners Allowed" rule, and place his animal in case they do.
  • Discussed: "Hmm... This guy can definitely destroy Emperor Evulz's plans. The Emperor can't predict him."
  • Conversed: "The idiot always ruin the mastermind's plan if not monitored."

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