Playing With: Musical Theme Naming

Basic Trope: Characters, places, and/or other things in a work have names derived from music.
  • Straight: All the villains are named after bands. The Big Bad is only known as the Queen. Her servants include Wings, Duran Duran, and the Three Dog Knight.
  • Exaggerated: Everything is named after a song. Alison and The Pretender stand alone against the Space Lord, and are cornered by his servants Razor Face and the Black Sheep while trying to escape on the Last Train To Clarksville.
  • Downplayed: No musical references are used other than songs, bands, albums, or terms that make sense as normal names. You may see characters named Layla, Mickey, Gordon, or even mean Mister Mustard, or eat some meat loaf in Allentown, but things like T'Pau or Nowhere Man are unlikely to show up as names.
  • Justified: The characters heard the songs themselves and decided they would be good codenames.
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