Nightmare Fuel / TRON: Uprising

  • Tron, of all people, takes a turn for the terrifying in the "Scars" two-parter.
    Tron: (to Dyson) You watched me die? I'll watch you die.
    • His facial scars expanding to their horrific full extent helps quite a bit in this regard.
  • The torture scene in Tron's backstory. It's mostly shown on screen, with Tron strapped to a table and Dyson just cutting away at him with a buzz-saw. When the camera changes to a shot of the guards right outside the lab, there are bright flashes of light visible through the door every time the buzz-saw revs up and cuts into Tron. Then he does it to Tron's face. Jeez...
  • Pavel's "test run" of his restored upgrade disc in "Rendezvous". He gleefully murders a group of prisoners. His smile just before is incredibly off-putting. To say nothing of his manic laughter and psychotic expression whilst he does it.
  • Gorn at the end of the same episode. Faces are not supposed to do that.
  • Code worms (again from "Rendezvous"). Dear Users, code worms. They're essentially the Grid equivalent of Ceti Eels (except they enter through a Program's eye sockets), they can be used to implant false memories within a Program's code or disc or to delete real ones, and they can cause hideous physical damage to a Program when mishandled (a mishap with a code worm is implied to be responsible for the hole that obliterated one of Gorn's eyes and goes all the way through her head).
  • Some of the deaths in this show look like stuff out of a horror movie. For instance: A soldier bisected by the waist, dragging himself across the floor, while bleeding pixels all over the place.
  • In Dyson's flashback in "Scars, Part 1" at the gathering of Tron, Dyson, Clu and Flynn, Clu's Evil Twin tendencies are shown in a rather jarring way. He stands behind Flynn, emulating his movements, but unlike Flynn who smiles in a friendly and almost fatherly way, Clu's expression is a wicked Psychotic Smirk.
  • The faces Cutler makes as he dies.
  • Oh my god, Cyrus! His debut episode and the Not Quite Dead at the end were appropriately creepy.
    • Cyrus' Leitmotif, "Compressed Space". In invokes the claustrophobic feeling of what is to be trapped in a damp, cold, dark cell and Go Mad from the Isolation, just like Cyrus did.
  • The scene where Tesler recruits Paige. Not only is is creepy because Tesler is lying through his virtual teeth, but that the scene behind him is a hospital that's covered in patches of bright color - the remains of Paige's patients and co-workers that he just slaughtered. And even after all this virtual bloobath, his voice is perfectly calm.