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Heartwarming: TRON: Uprising
  • No matter how many times it seems like Zed's made a foolish mistake, or is about to make a Heel-Face Turn, it's always Mara who pulls him back. Talk about the influences of a friend.
  • The What Measure Is a Mook? scene where Beck fights a nameless guard onboard the train. He beats the guard, but can't bring himself to kill the minion. The guard proceeds to help him find his friends, free them, and create an exit for them to leave. It's a shame Tessler killed him right there.
  • Tessler's saving Paige at the end of "Isolated." For all that he's a ruthless prick, his personal rescue seemed to be a legitimate gesture of care for her well-being. He also expresses pride that she's alive, which in turn seems to have touched Paige.
  • Paige playing music on her mixer thing at the end of "Isolated". For everything that's happened to her, she just won't give that dream up.
  • In "Price of Power", Zed helps Bartik, who's mostly known for being a [[Jerkass]] to him out of fallen rubble.
  • In "Identity", Tron (who is somewhat of a Grumpy Bear) telling an amnesiac Beck that they're friends, and even removing his helmet (whilst in front of Kobol) to try and help Beck remember.
  • The guard Cyrus saving Tron's life, faking his death, and starting an uprising out of the goodness of his own heart, despite not even knowing Tron. You can see just how much he's influenced Tron in the present day.
  • Abel's concern over Beck's safety and wellbeing knowing that he is risking his life as the Renegade acting almost as a parent looking out for their child.
  • Beck deciding to cut Mara loose despite her clear dedication, because he isn't ready to accept the possibility of losing her.
  • At the end of "Welcome Home", Paige comes to like and respect Beck enough to reveal that she used to be a medical program, which she's done to no one else, and that she's glad Beck could learn how good it feels to save lives. Beck, who's been playing the fop the entire episode, tells her sincerely that her past was impressive. Then she asks him out!
    • From the same scene, Keller not selling Beck out even though she goes with Paige. Even going so far as to call him a real hero.
    • A moment before that, when the train has just crashed and it seems like Beck was derezzed in the explosion. Keller is cheering that they are saved, but Paige looks utterly devastated by Beck's apparent demise. She even utters a silent Little "No".
  • Although the episode has very much a Downer Ending, "Rendezvous" is filled with plenty of sweet moments involving Beck and Paige.
    • The end of their skydiving session has them land on top of a bridge with a view that Paige describes as her favourite spot in the city. When she asks Beck for his opinion, he states "It's incredible". Only the implication is that his words were actually about her instead, barely even glancing at the view, instead focusing on her as she ran her fingers through her hair. He changes the subject before she can notice though.
    • The Held Gaze the two share on their second date. One has to wonder just what would have happened between them had Pavel not come along right at that moment.
  • The entire garage choosing a side at the end of "Terminal".

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