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Nightmare Fuel: Tomodachi Life
  • Some of the more WTF-tier dreams can fall into this.
    • One, in particular, is quite eerie:
    "All hail the Virtual Boy!"
  • The unoccupied apartments, which are unlit rooms of solid white. Nothing happens in them, but the complete lack of activity just makes them look very spooky.
  • The Mii's reaction to eating their worst ever food: They suddenly turn grey and look terrified as a Scare Chord plays and they melt into the ground. It's the most scary when you feed a Mii their worst ever food for the first time. Subsequent times may become Funny Moments.
    • Also a Mii's reaction upon eating their second favorite food. Though their break-dancing counts as a Funny Moment, their smiles are rather unsettling, and feel like a Jump Scare.
    • Some may be startled by the first note of the music that plays when a Mii is fed the food they find the worst for the first time. The Mii's reactions are also a smidgeon more realistic than when they are fed their "worst ever" food, so some others may deem the former scarier.
  • Deleting your save data makes your lookalike shrink down to nothingness while remembering their times with you. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • A Mii's desperate cries of "I need to eat something! Anything!" can trigger people who are afraid of starvation, or just worried that they're neglecting that Mii.
  • When erasing a Mii, instead of the usual sad departure that a lot of other games do, they just say, "___ seems to have moved away somewhere..." That's kinda creepy in that it sounds like they're implying that they're lying and that something horrible has happened to that Mii.
  • If you visit a married Mii while they're in their house, they'll turn to look at you with a shocked expression. If you do this while they're playing peek-a-boo with a baby, their head will continue shaking back and forth as they do, making them look a bit like victims of demonic possession.

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