Nightmare Fuel / Tomodachi Life
  • Some of the more WTF-tier dreams can fall into this.
    • One, in particular, is quite eerie:
    "All hail the [name of food or treasure]!"
    • In the Korean version, they may also worship another Mii. Oh, the potential...
    • The "Mirror" dream is also pretty unsettling, especially the variation where the Mii is just looking at themself when suddenly another Mii in the background of the mirror reflection slides up from the ground. The Mii looks behind them to see no one and starts shivering with fear, then look back around and the Mii has suddenly shown up in front of them waving, which scares the crap out of them. A scene that wouldn't at all be out of place in a slasher horror film.
      • The thing is, the extra Mii DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A REFLECTION.
    • The "Drive" dream comes off as unsettling somehow, and is somewhere near Nothing Is Scarier. The entire dream consists of two Miis driving down a winding, wooded road in the middle of the night while the dreaming Mii sits on the dashboard as a bobblehead doll. The driving Mii will randomly slam on the brakes and begin asking the passenger strange questions and saying weird things.
  • The unoccupied apartments, which are unlit rooms of solid white. Nothing happens in them, but the complete lack of activity just makes them look very spooky.
    • Even further, a similar type of room can actually be bought. Just an empty white void. In fact, it's one of the cheapest rooms in the entire game at only $20, which shows how much of a seller it is. And, unlike the Humble and Jail interiors, some Miis will actually react positively to being given this...
  • The Mii's reaction to eating their worst ever food: They suddenly turn grey and look terrified as a Scare Chord plays and they melt into the ground. It's the most scary when you feed a Mii their worst ever food for the first time. Subsequent times may become Funny Moments.
    • Also a Mii's reaction upon eating their second favorite food. Though their break-dancing counts as a Funny Moment, their smiles are rather unsettling, and feel like a Jump Scare.
    • Some may be startled by the first note of the music that plays when a Mii is fed the food they find the worst for the first time. The Mii's reactions are also a smidgeon more realistic than when they are fed their "worst ever" food, so some others may deem the former scarier.
  • Deleting your save data makes your lookalike shrink down to nothingness while remembering their times with you. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • A Mii's desperate cries of "I need to eat something! Anything!" can trigger people who are afraid of starvation, or just worried that they're neglecting that Mii.
  • When erasing a Mii, instead of the usual sad departure that a lot of other games do, they just say, "(Mii's name) seems to have moved away somewhere..." Making it sound like they're lying and that something horrible has happened to that Mii.
    • It gets worse. Did you lock the news that that Mii you deleted reported? If you rewatch it, someone else has now taken their place. Do their best friend or partner/spouse care? Not in the slightest. If you deleted a couple's child, you can still watch their version of the credits, but if you instead delete a travelling Mii's parent, their name is gone and replaced with Unknown. The Mii's almost completely Unpersoned!
  • The "Stretchy-Face Challenge" news, pictured above. It involves a Mii's face becoming disturbingly wide, and it goes deep enough into Uncanny Valley that it becomes somewhat creepy.
    • A lot of the "funny faces" that the Miis show you can easily tread into Uncanny Valley territory as well.
  • If you visit a married Mii while they're in their house, they'll turn to look at you with a shocked expression. If you do this while they're playing peek-a-boo with a baby, their head will continue shaking back and forth as they do, making them look a bit like victims of demonic possession.
    • Watching the Miis play peek-a-boo with their babies is still somewhat creepy even if you don't interrupt them, thanks to the Miis' rather limited facial expressions. With their wide-open eyes and mouths, it makes one wonder how they think this will cheer up their child.
  • It is possible for a Traveler Mii you sent out to be erased, either because the owner of the island it's on chose to delete their game data or turn off StreetPass, (physical copies) the island's corresponding game copy got lost, stolen, or damaged, (digital copies) or the SD card and/or associated 3DS got lost. And unless the island owner is someone you know or somehow manages to get in contact with you, you will never know it happened.
  • After a breakup or if a Mii already in a relationship has their relationship stolen by another Mii who confesses their love and succeeds, what would usually be a Tear Jerker is made rather unnerving with this eerie song playing in the apartment of the one who initiates the breakup or the one who was cheated on.
  • The low and brooding ticking that takes place while a Mii is trying to work things out with their partner. If they fail, both Miis fall to the ground and grab their heads while the clock chimes ominously.
    • It's not helped by the fact that the two Miis stare at each other in silence in a dark room while the music plays, and then they start shaking when they fall down.
  • The first time the player comes in on a Mii after a particularly nasty fight can be unsettling. The music gets very aggressive, the Mii attains a Battle Aura and will refuse to listen to reason.
  • In the case of a huge fight, if the fighting Miis refuse to make up, they keep throwing things at each other at a fast speed as the heavy metal music instantly resumes, while the third Mii who intervened stares very disappointed and ducks for cover.
  • The angry Death Glare that fighting Miis use when staring down each other in close-up during the "try to stop a huge fight" cutscenes can be rather creepy and unsettling, complete with a dramatic sting to match.
  • The slow heartbeat heard when a Mii is about to confess its feelings or tries to propose to its sweetheart can be quite strange. When the Mii is about to propose, the heartbeat speeds up, which could be unsettling for children.
  • A Mii receiving a Mysterious Letter telling them to go up to the roof is a complete Big Lipped Alligator Moment, and what the senders says is completely random. Some of the things the sender can say sound bizarrely sinister.
    "Please go back to your apartment, and don't look back."
    "You're the only one who doesn't know what's going on."
    "Shh! They're watching us from the sky. Let's abort this meeting for now."
    "I've been watching you..."
    "I will wait for you. Forever..."

Gah! Thank goodness it was just a dream.