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Nightmare Fuel / The Vision of Escaflowne

  • Van's Eleventh Hour Superpower moment against Dilandau's Dragonslayers starts off like a typical awesome moment... until it cuts to how Dilandau is seeing it- one by one, his unit is brutally cut down, despite having every advantage going for them. Eventually, only Dilandau is left, tentatively and uselessly calling out to his dead comrades for support, facing down a now-godlike soldier who can and will kill him without batting an eye, with a surprisingly heart-wrenching expression of abject shit-your-pants terror on his face, even as he's escaping. It's a particularly chilling moment.
    • Later, Van has a Near-Death Experience after seeing the ghosts of the dragon slayers he just killed, and Hitomi has to mentally dive in to save him.
      • And just before all that, viewers are treated to a Body Horror scene with Van bleeding to death as a price for becoming one with Escaflowne; so if the latter gets damaged, well, just take a guess...
  • Dornkirk's naked body... that is all. Could also fall under Fan Disservice or Body Horror.
  • When Hitomi is placed under hypnosis by the fake-Plactu, her psychic abilities begin overwhelming the both of them and Hitomi gets caught in a horrible vision of witnessing fake-Plactu's murder. The trauma is so intense for Hitomi that she goes into catatonic shock and her heart stops. Adding to the Nightmare Fuel of the scene is Millerna's frantic attempts to perform CPR and her resulting hysteria when she realizes she's not strong enough to keep it up. Though Van is more successful with the CPR, the lack of music and everyone's desperate pleas for Hitomi to snap out of it add to the tension of the scene.