Funny / The Vision of Escaflowne

  • Dillandau strokes his cut cheek saying, "Cheek, cheek, cheek, cheek..."
    • What makes it even funnier is that the next second, one of his soldiers asks him why he doesn't just stop touching his cheek—only to have Dilandau punch him in the face!
  • Dilandau's English dub voice. It's so high and chirpy and squeaky that I can't help but laugh whenever he talks, even in his scary moments! It's so hard to take him seriously with that baby voice of his!
  • Real Life example: During a screening of the movie Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaia in Canada, the English dub cast arranged to go see it in the theater together. Kirby Morrow, the English actor for Van Fanel, and Scott McNeil, the English actor for Jajuka (and an assortment of other characters), were discussing the film amongst themselves as it was playing on the screen. A disgruntled kid who sat in front of them then turned around and told them to shut up, asking rhetorically, "Are you going to talk through the whole damn movie?" To which they glanced at the screen, listened to their own voices coming out of their respective characters' mouths for a moment, smirked, and then turned to the kid and replied in a deadpan tone: "Well, yes, now that you mention it." The kid never got the joke.
  • "Allen is avaaaaliaaaaable... HIC!"
  • Dilandau's reaction to seeing Zongi for the first time. IMHO, I think the German version is funnier, because he lets out a cute little yelp instead of a Pinkie Pie gasp like in the Japanese version.
  • In the TV series, when the Zaibach Empire shifts from "dragon hunting" and military tactics to matchmaking, including Dornkirk reaching audience-level OTP status. Even if it is attempting the same results, using a destiny changing machine to get a pairing you want comes across as funny as it is creepy. Dornkirk's maniacal laughter is hard to take at face value rather than that of a Shipper on Deck.
  • One of the edits made to the Fox Kids broadcast version of the series manages to kill any and all seriousness attached to it due to the chosen method of applying Never Say "Die".
  • The look of bewilderment on Hitomi's face when she bumps into a dolphin-man fisherman in the marketplace