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Trivia: The Vision of Escaflowne
  • Anime First: The TV show preceded both the manga series and the movie.
  • Blooper: If you watch the finale, it does not matter if it is the original Japanese or the English dub, but you will notice that there is a mistake in terms of sequential order. The part at around 17:45-18:09, where Hitomi tells some classmates that she has given up on fortune-telling, is placed at the wrong part of the episode's timeline; it should have been placed somewhere and some time after she goes back to her world - just before she sees that telepathic vision of Van in the end. It is a technical error on the Japanese animators and production team's part.
    • On the Latin-American side, for some strange, unknown reason, the scene were Dilandau's about to be probed by the Sorcerers never got dubbed in Latin-American Spanish. It stayed in Japanese. I tried looking for a copy of it where it was dubbed, but it seems its like this in every single Latin-American dubbed copy of episode 16, old or new. Whether this actually got fixed or not remains unknown.
  • Deleted Scene: When the series was first aired in Japan, Sunrise made too much animated content for the show's earlier episodes to fit in it's TV time slot. As a result, some scenes having nothing to do with the advancement in the show's plot had to be cut for time. The deleted scenes were restored in Japanese video releases. Said deleted scenes have not made it to the US DVDs, even in the 2009 re-release for some reason, so No Export for You. Strangely enough, the only country that managed to dub those scenes was Italy, so again, No Export for You unless you speak Italian.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: During its time on FOX, they somehow manage to get away with a butt naked guy on screen (the type of nudity allowed on The Simpsons) and showing Hitomi's bra on Saturday morning. While no public outcry was made, FOX KIDS still canceled the show.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Using The Ocean Group, it's bound that' you'll hear voice actors from various anime like InuYasha, Gundam, Dragon Ball Z to name a few:
  • Playing Against Type: Minami Takayama is well known for playing either grown women or cheerful kid heroes, so fans were absolutely FLOORED when they found she voices the Ax-Crazy Pyro Maniac psycopath Dilandau, and does a GREAT job of doing it, too!
    • Interesting to note: Andrew Francis who voiced Dilandau in the English dub, at the time, was also known for kid-friendly roles such as Genki from Monster Rancher.
  • Scott McNeil: For the English dub, he voices multiple characters in the show; one of them is Jajuka. He also did King Aston and the geckos who kidnapped Hitomi, just to name a few.
  • Maaya Sakamoto: She voiced Hitomi and sang the songs. She initially was hired only to do the former, but then Yoko Kanno said she could do both. And for more bonus, Hitomi was her breaking role as a voice actress.
  • Screwed by the Network: Fox Kids tried to sell the dub as a kids show without realizing it delved into some fairly mature stuff in the latter half of the show. They quickly shelved it and tried to forget about it. Meanwhile up in Canada, YTV realized its true nature early on and began airing it during primetime hours.
  • The Other Darrin: For some reason, Van's German dub voice actor, Bjorn Schalla, didn't reprise his role in the movie, and was replaced by Robin Kahnmeyer.
  • Super Robot Wars: Has only appeared in Compact 3 so far. Notably, it holds the venerable honor of being the only show to appear in the series not to be featured on a cover art.
  • What Could Have Been
    • Escaflowne was originally going to be directed by Yasuhiro Imagawa. Yes, that Yasuhiro Imagawa. We can't exactly say for sure if this would have been bad or fucking awesome, but it certainly would not be the show we have today.
    • Not only that, but it originally supposed to be a World War I-styled spinoff of Macross called Air Cavalry Chronicles before the creators decided to change it to a fantasy shōjo series. The only things that remained were the concept of transforming mecha, the name of the opposing kingdoms (Fanelia and Zaibach) and of course, the love triangle.
    • To quote series co creator, Shoji Kawamori: "if Macross was robotic mecha and love songs, why not a story about robotic mecha and divining powers?"
    • Another example: Fans of the show wanted this series to air on Cartoon Network so it would be given a proper treatment on Toonami (this was before [adult swim] came into existence, which thankfully aired The Movie uncut). Instead, Bandai gave the license to Saban, where it was horribly butchered and cancelled after less than ten episodes. Imagine what the show would have been like had it aired on Cartoon Network...
    • It was also originally planned to have a plot spanning 39 episodes. Due to budget constraints, the story was carefully compressed into two-thirds of that length in order to retain its subplots and characters (which were at risk of being cut for time). This is why the story moves at such a brisk pace compared to many other animes (both before and since) and yet feels very carefully plotted. While nothing was really changed story-wise, however, who knows how the story would have felt to — and been received by — audiences, had the creators the necessary budget on-hand.
  • Yoko Kanno: The musical score.

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