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Nightmare Fuel: Smosh
  • "I'm Possessed" can give off a lot of this, what with the demon randomly appearing and Ian's flashback showing flashes of the old couple being either dead or suffering from Zalgo-ish levels of Eye Scream.
  • The very end of every 'Extras' video often suddenly shows a freaky expression from a cast member, set to a Scare Chord.
    • Sometimes it's two or three of them.
  • The entirety of Smosh Found Dead.
  • "Best Toy Ever" with the Happy Flying Cow toy stealing souls and causing Ian and Anthony to become obssessed with playing with it forever and ever. The Lyrical Dissonance in the song (Happy Cow Happy Cow, steals your will to live, Happy Cow Happy Cow your eternal soul you'll give) is the cherry on top.
  • The ending of Magic Keyboard. Anthony ends up trapped all alone in a blank white void. He tries to open up a previous save, only to realize he forgot to save. He gets down on his knees and screams at the sky "I ALWAYS FORGET TO SAVE!" as the camera zooms out to a blue screen of death, while Anthony's echoing cry can still be heard...
  • In Dubstep Commercials Suck, the guy who suggested Dubstep lifts his eyepatch...TO REVEAL A SMALL MOUTH WHERE HIS EYE SHOULD BE.
  • Most of "A Smoshy Christmas," especially the end. Santa, already established as a murderous bastard, is outside Ian's window and making the same Evil Laugh as the computer virus from Independence Day.
  • "Wii U Sports Is Awesome" has its moments, especially when it turns out you die when your Mii dies, and you see the family members dying.
  • Anthony's Nightmare Face that shows up when Ian asks him too many questions. "WHAT?!"
  • Anthony's zombie face on Smosh Vs Zombies. It's just chilling to look at the decaying face.
  • Subverted with "My Bobblehead is Evil!", which is Nightmare Retardant at its finest.
  • The cries of "REEEEEEDRUMMMMM" at the beginning of How to Cover Up a Murder is pretty freaky. Fortunately, it's followed by a very loud "SHUT UP!"
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