Nightmare Fuel / ParaNorman
Don't ever mess with her.
Think that PG rating saves you from this trope? Ha ha ha WRONG.

  • Pretty much the entire movie could count to some extent, but especially the last act.
  • Several of the ghosts Norman walks by on his way to school died in pretty gruesome ways. For instance, the female pilot was impaled on a tree branch while the mobster had his feet bound in concrete before being tossed into a body of water to drown if the fishes swimming around him are any indication.
  • "I don't want to go to sleep. And you can't make me."
  • Agatha's ghost form — a glowing yellow poltergeist made of raw anger and vengeance, who tries repeatedly to terrorize, then kill, Norman to stop him talking to her.
    • The way her face and entire body stutters and changes while screaming at Norman doesn't help. It's like you can see her Sanity Slippage.
      • Made more disturbing by the fact that it's debatable which direction her sanity is slipping in. She's struggling desperately to maintain her hatred and avoid facing what she's become, although thankfully she eventually fails.
      • The haunting scream she lets out as her head contorts uncontrollably. You can't help but shiver while listening to it every time.
    • Also, Agatha's trial. Her terrified sobs and the totally indifferent expressions of the adults as they sentence a little girl to death are quite chilling.
    • Judge Hopkin's composed, matter-of-fact, completely honest explanation for why he had a child killed. "We were afraid."
    • The raw power she proves to have in her confrontation with Norman. They start off in the forest where she was buried, then she turns it into a wasteland, and then she straight up destroys the ground, leaving only a few chunks of rock for Norman to cling into.
  • The fact that Norman would have been hanged by the fearful townspeople just like Aggie just for being able to see and speak to the dead.
    • Also, the modern citizens of Blithe Hollow are Not So Different from the zombies who were once puritans. They tried to kill a child out of misplaced fear as well, and the only difference? They wanted to go for a less antiquated means of executing him note .