Heartwarming / ParaNorman

  • All the mundane ghosts Norman talks to on the way to school. The boy may be an outcast among the living, but with the dead, they know he's a great kid and greet him as such.
    • Also a good Establishing Character Moment for Norman. Even when late for school, he takes the time to greet all the various ghosts (human or animal- he is seen talking to a roadkilled raccoon among others) in town, and has clearly done this for a while now.
  • Neil, a fat outcast, finally breaks through to Norman that he considers his communication with the dead neat, and becomes his friend.
  • The scene where the boys play with Neil's dead dog, and the fact that Neil totally believes Norman even if he can't see what he can.
    • Neil's joy at being able to somewhat interact and play with Bub again, even though Bub can't fetch the stick or touch Niel at all and Niel has no idea where Bub is or what he's doing, in is rather sweet too. Also while it is a rather funny moment, after Neil gets Norman to try and play "fetch" with them the stick bounces off the tree and hits Neil, Norman panics since he's worried about hurting (and possibly losing) his first normal friend. How does Neil respond? He sits up, showing he's fine with the stick in still in his mouth, smiling.
    Neil: "I fetched it."
  • Norman's grandmother telling Norman the reason why she's still around as a ghost: She promised she would always watch after him.
  • After the reveal that the book used to keep the Witch's curse at bay is just a fairytale book, it becomes fridge-heartwarming to imagine Mr. Prenderghast, of all people, tenderly reading "Sleeping Beauty" at her grave.
  • Even after Norman (out of frustration) tells everyone to Go away and leave him alone, Neil chooses to stay with Norman. The only reason he "leaves" is because Mitch carries him off.
  • For some reason, the moment where we see the zombies feeling genuine regret for their executing Agatha seemed surprisingly sweet in seeing that these zombies were much more complex than bedeviled undead victims. And the way Norman mentions that they need to break the cycle to end the curse for good, seems very well done.
  • Courtney, Neil, Mitch and Alvin standing before the mob to defend Norman and the zombies.
    • Honestly, just Courtney, after having been shown having no patience for Norman at all, being the first one to rush forward and put herself between her little brother and the mob was a perfectly heartwarming moment.
    Courtney: Leave him ALONE!
    • Also Alvin, Norman's main bully, actually tearfully telling the mob "how dare you!" for calling for Norman's head.
  • The little girl in the mob, the same one who launched a flaming teddy bear into town hall, walks up to a zombie after Norman's friends and sister defend him, and she gives the zombie his arm back.
  • The film's climax, where a deadly supernatural menace is stopped with empathy and understanding.
    • Culminating with little Agatha resting her head on Norman's shoulder. D'aaawww...
    • After the curse is broken, the zombies' spirits move on as well.
    • Two of the above are topped with a beautiful reprise of "Norman's Walk", because he saved the world doing what he does best: talking to ghosts.
  • This exchange:
    Norman: Mom, you're embarrassing me.
    Sandra: That's my job.
  • The film's final scene Norman is watching another horror-movie with his grandmother's ghost when his dad comes in and tries to awkwardly adjust to the fact that his dead mother might be in the room with him and tries to communicate through Norman. "...Hi, mom." Then Norman's mom and sister come in as well and we close with the whole family watching the movie, his dad and grandma even asking at the same time about what's happening in the movie, causing Norman to chuckle.