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Tear Jerker: ParaNorman
  • The film has a very accurate depiction of bullying.
  • Norman yelling at his friends (out of frustration) to get out when searching for Agatha's records.
  • Norman's vision of Agatha being sentenced to death.
  • Everything about Agatha's story is just depressing and sad, but actually seeing an eleven year old girl crying as she's sentenced to death - by hanging, no less- by a group of stoic faced adults makes the scene completely heart breaking.
  • The look of remorse on the Judge's face as Norman yells at him and the rest of the zombies over what they did to Agatha.
    Norman: Why did you do it ?
    Judge Hopkins: We were scared.
    Norman: Of what ?
    Judge Hopkins: Of her. I believed we where doing what was right; I was wrong. We thought we knew our way in life, but in death...we are lost.
  • Pretty much the entire climax, with Norman trying to get through Agatha's three centuries of built-up rage over an unjust death- which eventually turned her into the very thing the 18th century Blithe Hollow residents thought they were protecting themselves against in the first place - and finally getting through to the person underneath...a scared little girl that just wanted to be back with her beloved mother. The book of fairy tales his uncle read to Agatha every year? It contained the one her mother always read to her to put her to sleep. The tear jerking reaches full capacity as Norman tries to reach Aggie by telling her the story of her life, which then begins to converge and sound like his life too. Then she falls asleep on his shoulder and passes into the next life.
    Norman: ...sleep tight.
    • What really gets viewers about that scene is the way Agatha is driven nearly to the breaking point trying to block out what Norman is trying to get through to her. You can see the utter horror on her face at the prospect of facing the truth, and her face even warps and distorts itself as she screams in furious self-loathing. She even tries to block out his words with a disturbing singsong mantra. For anyone who's suffered from mental illnesses, especially as a result of bullying or abuse, this can hit unsettlingly close to home.
    • Even the Junior Novelization does a good job at describing the scene and its emotions.
  • When Aggie is finally at rest, and it cuts to all the zombies crumbling away, just look at the expressions of the freed souls before they fade. They don't seem happy, they look scared and regretful, and it's the last we ever see of them. Then you realize it's most likely because ,as Puritans, they probably believed that in passing on to the next life they were going to Hell for sentencing Aggie to death for a naturally occurring gift she couldn't control.
  • The fact that Agatha's mother went out to her grave and read her her favorite story, every year until she passed away, is also quite sad.

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