Nightmare Fuel: Owl City

Didn't think such a peppy, bubbly musician like Adam Young could bring some scary stuff to the table, did you? But once you listen closely, the most effervescent of lyrics become absolutely horrific.
  • "The Tip of the Iceberg" had, "Paint runs from your mouth like a waterfall, and your lungs crystallize."
  • "Strawberry Avalanche" had, "Scratched on the back of both my eyelids..."
  • "Cave In" had: I'll keep my helmet on, just in case my head caves in."
  • Special mention for "The Bird and The Worm": "If my segments get separated, I'll scream / and you'll be there! "
    • This might be a metaphor for falling apart at the seams/feeling overstressed, and if you call out, the person you love will be there.
    • Then again, the girl and the guy in the song are "the bird" and "the worm," respectively. And the preceding line is "I know the part, it's such a bummer / but fair is fair." Kinda sounds like she's eating him.
  • "Rainbow Veins" had, "Cheer up and dry your damp eyes / And tell me when it rains / And I'll blend up that rainbow above you / And shoot it through your veins."
  • From the song "Galaxies," off his latest album: "Summit the sunset / Dovetail the dragnet / And blow your backbone to bits!"
    • Justified in that it's about the Challenger explosion.
  • "And the chatty tree frogs will never wanna leave your throat."
  • In the video for "Youtopia", his collaboration with Armin Van Buuren, he plays the ghost of a deceased boyfriend singing to the bereaved girl on a camping trip.
  • "This Isn't the End" has fairly morbid lyrics, about a guy who committed suicide and how his young daughter is suffering from that.