Fridge / Owl City

Fridge Horror
  • Owl City has an odd version of this with his song "Alligator Sky". When you look around and notice there are no people and the earth is abandoned. Gives a slightly spooky feeling.
  • Owl City's lyrics are beautiful and full of wonder, right? Wrong. The ever jolly lyrics to "Fireflies" is actually about his struggles with depression and extreme medical imsomnia. And when you listen to the lyrics, that song that used to make you wanna dance slowly becomes tragic and sad. Think about it. Seriously. Listen to the lyrics.
    • It's hard to say I'll rather stay awake when I'm asleep/I'm far too tired to fall asleep. Anyone with imsomnia will feel the emotional burden of those words.
  • "I am a cold seahorse, feeling warm in your sands" (Hello Seattle) has been interpretted in a rather crude way by Youtube commenters.