Nightmare Fuel: Midnight Screenings

  • Brian and Irving's review of 12 Years a Slave. Seeing two goofy Deadpan Snarkers (one of whom is known for his Crossing the Line Twice humor and the other has been labeled "Slaver Brian" by the fanbase) visibly disturbed by the film they just saw is pretty disconcerting.
  • For a brief moment in the Delivery Man review, at 10:54 a silhouette of a man holding a cellphone can be seen in the background. But due to the way he's holding it, it looks like he's holding a gun. It goes by quickly, but Brad also made the image the video's thumbnail, as well as featuring the still shot in the Midnight Review compilation.
    • In what would be Accidental Nightmare Fuel if that trope still existed, there's a vlog (can't remember which), where someone walks past the car, turns around, and looks in for a moment. Sure, it's just a curious person, but all you can see is a dark silhouette, which gives them a rather creepy appearance.