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Awesome: Midnight Screenings
  • Jillian's review of Breaking Dawn Part 1, being steadily more covered in food until she guns down Brad.
  • Brad and Co. execute a flawless Stealth Parody of nitpicking filmgoers in their "re-review" of Prometheus.
  • Sarah and Jake blasting That's My Boy for treating pedophilia as something A, funny, and B, to be applauded.
    • Especially since the film, in question, employs a double standard to excuse the way it treats pedophilia.
  • Brad's scathing rant against MK's Abusive Parents in his Epic review.
  • After Brad and two of his friends received a torrent of abuse for trashing Man of Steel (even though one of them thought the movie was OK), they released this video
  • In a bizarre way, several films Brad reviews get these due to the reactions they provoke.
    • Brad hates CGI. Anyone who watches his videos regularly has heard this many times, so when he admitted in his review of John Carter that he thought the effects (which were mostly CGI) were fantastic, that means a lot.
    • Pain & Gain also gets one, seeing as Michael Bay managed to make another film that Brad thought was really, really good (after The Island and The Rock).
    • Pacific Rim, again getting praise for mostly-CGI effect.
    • Now add up The Conjuring as it's the first movie in a long time that actually scared the crap out of Brad and Brian, that and like a lot of people, enjoyed it.
  • During the review of Free Birds, Jake delivered pizza to the then-Senator Obama. He got a $20 tip, which he claims earned his vote ever since.
  • Brad admitting to liking the 2nd Hobbit film.
  • Tearing apart God's Not Dead for being an insulting piece of religious propaganda on the same level as Rock: It's Your Decision, while also noting that he'd be just as offended by an atheist propaganda film that portrayed all Christians as being like Fred Phelps.
  • Jake's story in the When the Game Stands Tall review dealing with his own abusive dad specifically an argument they had where his dad threatened to send him to military school. Jake laughed in his face and turned away, only for him to be grabbed by the shirt and slapped. Jake then repeatedly smashed his dad's face into the pavement, breaking his nose.
  • During the Gone Girl review we have Brad showing support to Ben Affleck regarding his role as Batman in the upcoming Superman/Batman movie. Given that Affleck as Batman has been a broken base among the comic fans and despite Brad's low expectations regarding the Man of Steel sequel.
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