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Heartwarming: Midnight Screenings
  • The very premise of the show. It's about best friends just going to the movies and talking about it. Even if the movie in question isn't good, you still get the True Companions vibe.
  • The way he says "I'm sorry" in a cutesie voice, especially after he made poor Jake see The Smurfs.
  • In the v-log for Ice Age Continental Drift Brad mentions that his mother is a lesbian, which puts his absolutely livid anger at Rock: It's Your Decision in a whole new light.
  • Jillian defending her love of a Jerkass in the review of Real Steel by kissing Brad and proclaiming "I like douches!".
  • Brad chewing out the father of MK in the film Epic.
  • Before reviewing Pacific Rim, Brad mentions that Jake got into a car accident and, after assuring the audience that he's alright, explains that since he needs a car for his job the others have lent theirs. He finishes by saying they'd be selling autographed copies of the Cinema Snob DVDs on Ebay to get Jake a new car.
    • In the next review for Turbo, at the end, Jake acknowledges the kind words and aid sent to him by his fans and thanks them.
  • Jake's adoration of the kid sitting behind him at Turbo.
  • After spending most of the RIPD review winding Jake up, Jillian joins in when Jake sings his happy song (when she isn't laughing).
    • Also, just the fact that Jake's happy song is the theme song for Ducktales. Its like seeing his inner child come out.
  • Jake's recounting of how Sarah roped him into seeing That's My Boy ends with an oddly sweet moment despite his enraged yelling. "You have pretty eyes!"
  • "I'll Stand By You" from the beginning of the Captain Phillips review.
  • The utter serious discussion and review of 12 Years a Slave done by Brian, who was for the better part of 2013 called "Slaver Brian" because of a joke by Brad, and Irving, who frequently makes politically incorrect and satirical jokes.
  • Jake and Brad, two of the biggest caustic critics out there, gushing about Frozen.
    • The same thing happens with The Lego Movie. Bonus points for their talk of playing with childhood toys.
  • Brad enjoying Lone Survivor after ranting about its trailer every time he sees it.
  • Dave, after almost being broken by A Madea Christmas, and even admitting that it almost made him throw away all his movies, got to see American Hustle, which he liked.
  • Brad's giddiness over Winter's Tale after having to suffer through the Endless Love remake.
  • During Free Birds Jake refuses to rip up Jillian's hand turkey and keeps it even though he's clearly upset.
  • The fact that Brad and Jillian have been able to remain friends and continue doing midnight screenings together even after the separation is heartwarming in its own right.
  • After seeing them at each other's throats for twenty minutes, Jake and Jillian laughing together once the latter breaks character in the Breaking Dawn Part 2 review is quite a relief.
  • After seeing the past three films leave them either enraged or broken, it was nice to see Brad and co actually enjoy Transformers: Age of Extinction, even if it was in a So Bad, It's Good way. Even Irving, who was easily the most critical of the movie, admitted that it had some good points (namely Kellsey Grammer)
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