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Nightmare Fuel: Magi - Labyrinth of Magic
  • Dungeons. To ordinary people in the Magi universe, dungeons are Eldritch Locations of doom that hold nothing but death. Even after Sinbad showed that success was possible, thousands (and counting!) of people have met their maker just by stepping foot inside.
    • At least most people get a choice of whether or not they want to attempt a dungeon. Zagan's dungeon, however, forcibly pulls in anyone who wanders near. And then turns them into trees, as mentioned below, which become sustenance for the dungeon monsters.
    • For that matter, the Djinns' history itself is Nightmare Fuel. A flashback showed that Paimon, Amon, and Zagan were all once human together. What happened to make them the elemental Olympus Mons we see today...?
  • Jamil's gleeful expression as he tortures his slaves is certainly horrifying and comes across as a series of Moral Event Horizons for him.
  • The presence of slavery itself. In Magi, slavery is rampant. Though there do not seem to be major racial undertones in slavery other than the attempt at enslaving the Kouga girls and the attitude toward Fanalis, one can be forced into servitude for as little as outstanding debt, as in the case of Alibaba. Not only that, the only protagonist who really shows an aversion and hatred of slavery is Morgiana. Not even Alibaba or Aladdin cared much about the issue until they were influenced by her.
    • To be fair, at first, Aladdin just didn't understand slavery. He was the one who tried to free Morgiana in the first place.
    • What makes this even more horrifying is that the real ancient world wasn't any better.
  • Fatima dropping the young and sick Nadja into the pit of ravenous dogs.
  • Zaynab's Red Mist, which had the power of influencing people's emotions to the point of hallucination and debilitating anger.
  • Banker's Perpetual Slasher Smile.
  • The missing people of Toran who got turned into trees in Zagan's dungeon.
  • The massacre of the Musta'sim Royal Family.
    • Especially Isaac, whose head was skewered through by swords.
  • Hakuryuu's arm falling off after Ithnan possesses him.
  • Al-Thamen's ultimate goal of breaking fate, which would result in anger, hatred, poverty, famine, civil strife, social upheaval, war, and other atrocities for all of humanity.
  • Hakuryuu's face when he speaks to his sister about all the hatred in the world. And his mother is just as creepy when they fight.
  • How Scheherazade created Titus.
  • Mogamett has three Dark Djinn growing in the lowest levels of his city. Not humans who become Dark Djinn, but independent, true Dark Djinn.
  • Chapter 211: The creepy unfocused eyes that Kougyoku displays when she is being controlled by Sinbad's Djinn Zepar. In the next chapter, we see how we get a visual representation of what Zepar actually does to his victims.
    • Sinbad's casual indifference at using Kougyoku as a unwitting spy against her family. When Alibaba threatens to tell her about what Sinbad is doing, Sinbad asks him what such a reveal would do to such an innocent person, revealing that he is fully aware of how horrible a thing it is he is doing.
  • Chapter 229: Ever seen what a completely burnt body looks like? Try imagining little Tess' body after Elder David's attack. His last words are pleading his mother to save him as she's holding his body. Not to mention Ithnan's reaction to finding what's left of Setta after the attack; nothing but his blood-stained staff.
  • In Chapter 230, David explains in gory detail what he did to Setta.
  • Chapter 233: Arba's face after Solomon replaces Il Ilah as the God of Alma Torran.
  • Chapter 246: We see that having control over two Djinn enables Hakuryuu to do. He uses Belial to Mind Rape the soldiers with illusions until it becomes engraved on their mind and then uses plant circuits to push their bodies to the limit as mad bersekers.
    • And then we learn that just like Kougyoku, Hakuryuu was subjected to the effects of a secondary Djinn effect that causes him intense pain as long as he plans to kill his mother or the others, trying to forcibly restrain him. Ren put that on him the moment after his father died so that he wouldn't try and act on it, which is why he never saw him as a threat.

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