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Nightmare Fuel: Falling Skies
  • So many things about the Skitters - their appearance, the harness implants they put in the humans' spines...
    • The fact that the harnesses transform them does not help.
  • The scene where the children are being harnessed.
  • The Overlords.
  • Ben's progressive transformation.
  • Jamil's death. Remember those flesh-eating scarabs from The Mummy? Picture a Skitter version of them, make them bigger, and make them eat their victims from the inside-out...
    • The fact that several of these creatures crawl out of Jamil's mouth didn't help either.
  • Anne's baby. Yes, this show managed to make a baby severely eerie...
  • Hal getting Karen's bug removed. Not a pleasant scene to watch.
    • The parasite being removed from Tom's eye in "Shall We Gather At The River." He's fully conscious and screaming the whole time.
  • Anne has a dream in season four. It involves her pregnant belly and an Overlord.
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