Heartwarming / Falling Skies

  • Matt riding his ripstick in front of the crowd, then sharing it with two other boys.
  • The short, yet sweet game of catch between Tom and Matt.
  • The entirety of the ending to "Grace", note the name of the episode.
  • Weaver's answer when Mason tells him he shouldn't be trusted, "Are you giving me orders now? I trust whoever the damn Hell I decide to trust, and right now I trust the guy who saved my ass in Boston." One strong moment of friendship between the two leaders, even though they're constantly bickering. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome
  • Hal bonding with Maggie in "Love and Other Acts of Courage" including staying by her hospital bed.
  • In the s2 finale, before the final battle takes place, we see the main leaders of the 2nd Mass saying their goodbyes to their loved ones who will stay home, even though they're almost certain they'll die in this mission, they still try to make their loved ones feel happy.
  • Mason and Weaver share some dialogue about how they'll face any threat together, empathizing even further how they went from rivals to blood brothers.
  • Red Eye and the Skitter Rebels are all about to be gunned down, before the entire second mass jump to their defense. Despite the fact that not all of them trust these creatures, the simple fact that Mason and Weaver do trust them makes them all join in.
  • The Skitter Rebels new warpaint for season three. A nice swath of red painted over their left eyes, in salute of the fallen Red Eye.
  • Pope staying by the bedside of the dying "Crazy" Lee.
  • Hal, Matt, Ben, Maggie, Weaver, and his daughter finding and burying an anonymous fallen woman, and reminiscing about their own fallen mothers.
  • John Pope, Token Evil Teammate extraordinare, is given the choice between leaving the ghetto scot-free or risking his life to save his friends. In perhaps the first fully altruistic act of his life, he chooses to stay and fight. Weaver's reaction says it all:
    Weaver: Son of a bitch, pigs can fly!
  • Matt hugging Colonel Weaver right after the latter reveals that his daughter was turned into a human-Espheni hybrid who died saving his life.
    Weaver: [voice breaking] Good to have you back, soldier.
  • In the season finale, Sara returns in the nick of time. Pope's laughs of relief and happiness for her being back show just how he isn't such a bad guy after all.
  • Weaver's (presumed) Dying Speech in the same episode. He survives.
  • Lexi choosing to sacrifice herself in both an attempt to redeem herself and save her father.
  • Pope and Sara having dinner together in Season 5. Even in a Crapsack World, both of them realize that they can still enjoy the little things in life so long as they're together.
  • Sara's Famous Last Words to Pope, where she tells him that he's the best thing that happened in her life.