Awesome / Falling Skies

  • Margaret killing Johnny and Cueball when Johnny makes it clear he's going to rape Karen. Bonus points for it being a nice The Dog Bites Back due to them raping her.
  • Tom establishes the "badass" in his Badass Bookworm by being the first character to beat a skitter hand-to-hand onscreen.
  • In "Grace", Pope kills a nest of sleeping Skitters by attaching a couple of grenades to a gas can and tossing it at them.
  • Anne kills the captive Skitter with nothing but a scalpel by reaching into its mouth and stabbing it in its weak point (the soft palate between the mouth and its brain).
  • Mike's Heroic Sacrifice You Shall Not Pass moment, holding off the Seventh Mass so that Hal can get the Second Mass's kids to safety.
    "I might not be able to stop this, but I won't be a part of it!"
  • Pope figured out how to kill the Mechs, with the help of Matt, and demonstrated it to the 2nd Mass.
  • Even after the attack on the alien structure fails, Tom still manages to strike a blow against the invaders by hitting one of the alien fighter craft with a Mech metal-enhanced RPG (basically a one-in-a-million shot), which then crashes into the structure and causes extensive damage to one wing of the structure.
    Weaver: "Good shot."
  • In second season premiere, Mason is confronted by one of the Overlords and its Breaking Speech cherry picking of human history to claim that mankind is despicable. His answer? Punch the guard, take its stun rod, and use it on the Overlord.
    • In the beginning of the episode we see how much better the group has gotten at fighting the aliens. They kill one mech with a hidden bomb, and then Maggie wastes another one with a rocket launcher.
  • In "Shall We Gather At The River" Dai uses a (presumably) modified .50 caliber to casually shoot down another alien fighter. This is the second known fighter to be shown down by humans.
  • Tom handing Pope a thorough ass kicking, for taking a compass from a dead member of the Mass (Jimmy). Multiple people note he nearly killed Pope, with his bare hands.
  • Anne jury-rigging an Aerosol Flamethrower and holding off the Big Creepy-Crawlies that had killed Jamil.
  • Pope telling Manchester what he really thinks of Tom, all while sipping some wine.
    Pope: Tom Mason is a pompous, semi-erudite history buff, with delusions of grandeur.
    • Which is quickly followed by him telling Manchester to take his offer and shove it, because if anyone's going to take Tom down, it's going to be him, not "some tin-pot dictator in Charleston".
  • Tom beating the Overlord to death.
    • Which is only enabled by the Big Damn Heroes moment supplied by Red Eye's rebel Skitters.
  • When Karen electrocutes Captain Weaver, he screams in pain... and then asks "Is that all you got?"
  • Season 3 opens with one Hell of a Big Badass Battle Sequence between Weaver's forces and the Skitter and Mechs. Highlights including Matt managing to plant bombs to take out key targets, The Skitter charge, the Mega-Mechs slaughtering the shit of Weaver's forces upon their arrival, and at last, PRESIDENT Mason's literal cavalry with laser weapons.
    • In the same episode, Karen deserves some praise for being able to run that espionage con so perfectly.
    • The raid on the Nuclear facility. Specially Margaret holding down a Zerg Rush of Harnessed men.
  • Pope telling off Tom for running his unit ragged in defense of defending something they have no info about. Tom's response?
  • The long awaited Espheni assault finally comes in "At All Costs". They totally kick the aliens' asses.
  • Pope and his friends are partying and placing bets on the who will live or die in when Hal takes his father hostage, as they are partying, Weaver walks in. His mere presence quiets the entire room (including The Berserkers), he calmly walks as everyone looks like they're just about pissing themselves with fear, including Pope. Weavers sits down, orders a drink and when Pope tries to approach him cautiously, Weaver grabs him and says , in the most serene tone possible:
    Weaver: If anybody tries to affect the odds on that board one way or another, I will personally mount your head on the wall of this establishment.
    • He then leaves, the room still in terrified silence.
  • Cochise not only survived a plane crash, he also protected the president with his body, then cross miles on foot until he reached Charleston. While still carrying the President. Cochise definitely earned his "rebel fighter" wings after that moment.
  • Tom beating the Lotus-Eater Machine not once, but twice. And making a wicked escape from Karen's captivity.
  • Our Big Bad Karen decides to have a little chat with the 2nd Mass about alliances, and this culminates on:
    Karen: And to prove my good faith, I brought you a gift. One that I think you'll like, Tom.
    • And then Maggie kills her.
  • The Escape from the Ghetto in season four:
    • Tom Mason gives a Overlord a Pre Ass Kicking One Liner and sets him on fire. Scorch himself deserves some Villainous Valor credits for still managing to bark orders while on 'fire.
    • Hal fighting a onrusing army of Skitters with essentially a spear.
    • Tom luring the Skitters to an ambush, then dropping down a building on them and escaping as a fiery inferno rages on behind him.
    • Pope destroying the wall by himself.
  • Tector's Heroic Sacrifice face to face with the Skitter forces to save Tom. He even gets one amazing Pre-Mortem One-Liner that doubled as Famous Last Words.
    Tector: Tick tick...BOOM! ( Blows himself up and the Skitter with him).
  • Lexi killing The Monk with her telekenisis.
  • Tom Mason and Lexi's mission to the moon is chock-full of them:
    • A Villainous Valor one for Scorch, who throws a monkey wrench in Mason's plans by tracking down his ship, bitch-slapping Mason across the room and nearly killing Lexi. Even as he dies, he manages to rip out the ship's pilot mode with his last breath, ensuring Lexi would die with him.
    • Subsequently, Mason gets to kill Scorch. This is the third Overlord Mason confronts headfront and then kills in battle. He's starting to get good at it.
    • Lexi choosing to guide the ship to the moon by herself. Which costs her life.
    • And finally, Waschak makes his glorious return, guns blazing.