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Trivia: Falling Skies
  • Actor Allusion: At one point in episode 6, Margaret is training Anne how to use a weapon and at one point tells Anne to "slow down honey, you're not the Terminator."
  • Dawson Casting: Zig-zagged.
    • Hal Mason and Karen Nadler are said to have been high school juniors at the time of the invasion. Both Drew Roy and Jessy Schram are in their mid 20s.
    • Margaret's age is never explicitly stated, however she is implied to be in her late teens or early 20s. Sarah Carter was 30 as of season 1.
    • Averted with Ben and Matt Mason, whose actors, Connor Jessup and Maxim Knight, were 16 and 11, respectively, at the start of the series.
    • Lourdes is said to have been a pre-med student prior to the invasion, making Seychelle Gabriel, in her early 20s, an appropriate age.
    • Jimmy Boland is said to be 13, as is Dylan Authors, who portrays him.
  • Fan Nickname: Early on for Lourdes: "God girl.", but that subplot seems to have been dropped in the second season.
    • Before the writers said they were called "Overlords" fans called the tall aliens "Slenders" or "Skinnies"
  • Life Imitates Art: In the season 2 finale "A More Perfect Union," Anne discovers she's pregnant with Tom's child - and Moon Bloodgood, who plays Anne, became pregnant for real a few months after filming that episode.

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