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Nightmare Fuel: Blood Rites
  • Madge, after the remorseless entropy curse is redirected at her.
    ''She had plenty of time to feel it as the demonic killer, the guiding mind who had been behind the entropy curse, flowed in its semigaseous form into her mouth and throat and lungs, then extruded savage spines and tore her apart from within.
    Madge didn't manage to get out a scream as she died.
    But it wasn't for lack of trying.''
    • Considering what that demonic killer was... well, see the Ghost Story section below.
  • Lord Raith. Just entirely. Damn pretty-boy vampires he is terrifying.
  • Harry's description of the Black Court thralls and Renfields with The Sight gave this troper chills. Brr...
    I don't know if you've ever seen a sheep slaughtered for mutton. The process isn't fast, even if it isn't really cruel. They make the sheep lie down on its side and cover its eyes. The sheep lies there without struggling and the shepherd takes a sharp knife and draws a signal neat lines across its throat. The sheep jerks in a sharp twitch of surprise, while the shephard holds it gently down. It smells blood and stirs more. Then the animal quiets again under the shepherd's hand. It bleeds. ...
  • In the first battle with the Black Court vampires, two of them start feeding off Lara by chewing holes in her breasts. Nausea Fuel and terrifying.
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