YMMV / Blood Rites

  • Acceptable Professional Targets: Zigzagged with the book's portrayal of the porn industry. On the one hand, Arturo and most of his cast and crew are shown as sympathetic characters trying to make a living. On the other hand, it's mentioned that some of Arturo's ideas, like his open-mindedness about what makes people attractive, are at odds with the opinions of most people in the industry. And on a larger scale, much of the porn industry is controlled by the White Court, who are using it to propagate attitudes towards attraction and sex that make it easier for them to feed.
  • Complete Monster: Lord Raith, King of the White Court and the head of House Raith, who also appears in White Night, manages to stand out amongst his peers as one of the cruelest White Court vampires. While all the Houses of the White Court feed off of the emotions of their victims to maintain their power, House Raith feeds off of lust. In order to maintain his absolute control over his household, Lord Raith raped and fed off his daughters to make them his slaves and murdered his sons to prevent them from becoming threats. This behavior stopped when Raith killed Harry's mother, who used her death curse to ensure that Raith could no longer feed and gain power. This forced Raith to limit his magic usage and act through mortal intermediaries. When a former employee of his, Arturo, begins to work independently as head of his own porno studio, Raith arranges the murder of several of Arturo’s workers to force Arturo to work for Raith again. Yet these plans take a backseat once he discovers that Harry is the son of the woman who cursed him and that Harry's death would enable him to feed again and regain his former glory. By the end of the novel, Raith has attempted to kill his son Thomas, plans on keeping Harry's Love Interest, Murphy, as a Sex Slave, and intends to rape Inari, his youngest daughter.
  • Do Not Do This Cool Thing: Harry lays out the extent to which motorcycles are excessively dangerous and can get you seriously maimed, if not killed outright. "All that said, riding a motorcycle is fun."
  • Moral Event Horizon: Harry considers the practitioners who send off the Entropy Curse to have fully crossed it because of the cold murder of Emma. Even though they are women, Harry will no longer care about that fact as they must be stopped at any cost now.
  • Nightmare Retardant: One of the epithets of He Who Walks Behind is "The Lord of Slowest Terror." It's supposed to be menacing, but instead gives the impression of having difficulty being able to hurt anyone.
  • Ship Tease: Murphy/Harry and Murphy/Kincaid have several moments in this book. Of note, Harry tells Murphy she looks nice in a dress along with a few She Is Not My Girlfriend moments, and Kincaid took off her pants, Harry was most definitely jealous.
    Kincaid was bracing her legs, hands on her calves, and sliding down as she moved forward, helping her to keep them from accidentally moving too far.
    Or at least that damn well better have been what he was doing, because if it wasn't I would be forced to kill him.

    Dresden: Don't be silly. The image of you gunfighting in your panties is going to boost my morale for years."
    • Harry also candidly mentions he wouldn't mind marrying Murphy for her mom's cooking.
  • Tear Jerker: Emma's death, mainly because she was just a nice woman trying to do her job, feed her kids and pay the bills, and she got killed because her murderers thought she was the only woman left on set who was pretty enough to be attractive to Genosa. And she wasn't even his fiancee.
    • Harry's family dementia theory and talking to Murphy about how she shouldn't take family for granted even if she doesn't always get along with them, something he says he'd love to be able to do but never will be able to do.
    • Harry's falling-out with Ebenezar. This is the one man on the planet that Harry respects, and from the moment that Harry realizes that McCoy won't meet his gaze out of shame, you can practically see his faith in his old mentor crumbling, including the realization that Ebenezar was supposed to kill Harry if he acted up, not rehabilitate him. It all culminates in Harry throwing Ebenezar out of his apartment and out of his life.