YMMV: Blood Rites

  • Complete Monster: Since Thomas and Lara prove that it is possible for a full vampire of the White Court to have a conscience, a sense of morality and genuine emotions for people they care about, Lord Raith can be held morally responsible for his crimes. In addition to his on and off-screen acts of evil, he reveals that even his supposed affection for his daughters is simple pragmatism, making him totally without redeeming qualities.
    • And, you know, the mere fact that he disposes of all his children, the male ones by having them killed a few decades after they are born, the female ones by raping and killing them himself, would pretty much on his own, having done it for centuries and not even trying to hide it.
  • Do Not Do This Cool Thing: Harry lays out the extent to which motorcycles are excessively dangerous and can get you seriously maimed, if not killed outright. "All that said, riding a motorcycle is fun."
  • Freud Was Right: Obvious in the final chapters of the book, to the point that it was even Lampshaded by Harry in the narrative.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Harry considers the practitioners who send off the Entropy Curse to have fully crossed it because of the cold murder of Emma. Even though they are women, Harry will no longer care about that fact as they must be stopped at any cost now.
  • Ship Tease: Murphy/Harry and Murphy/Kincaid have several moments in this book. Of note, Harry tells Murphy she looks nice in a dress along with a few She Is Not My Girlfriend moments, and Kincaid took off her pants, Harry was most definitely jealous.
    Kincaid was bracing her legs, hands on her calves, and sliding down as she moved forward, helping her to keep them from accidentally moving too far.
    Or at least that damn well better have been what he was doing, because if it wasn't I would be forced to kill him.

    Dresden: Don't be silly. The image of you gunfighting in your panties is going to boost my morale for years."
    • Harry also candidly mentions he wouldn't mind marrying Murphy for her mom's cooking.
  • Tear Jerker: Emma's death, mainly because she was just a nice woman trying to do her job, feed her kids and pay the bills, and she got killed because her murderers thought she was the only woman left on set who was pretty enough to be attractive to Genosa. And she wasn't even his fiancee.