Music / Vazelina Bilopphøggers

Vazelina Bilopphøggers (Vazelina Auto Wreckers) is a Norwegian pop and rock group, specializing in songs that borrow elements and chord progressions from classic songs (sometimes covering the songs outright), and crafting a mostly-original composition by adding bizarre humorous lyrics, which more often than not have little to no relation to a song's original lyrical content.

Their most famous and iconic lineup consisted of Viggo Sandvik (vocals), Eldar Vågan (guitarist and principal songwriter), Rune Endal (bass), Jan Einar Johansen (organ, saxophone, backing vocals), and Arnulf Paulsen (drums), affectionately known as "Høggern" ("The Wrecker/Chopper"). The group was named after Paulsen's actual auto wrecking yard, which was in turn, according to legend, named after a Hispanic translation of the title of the film Grease.

They are one of Norway's most beloved and prolific acts, having more or less continually performed for thirty years and counting, and have branched out into television, comics, video games, and more.


  • 24 timers service (1980)
  • Slitin i knea (1981)
  • Blå lys (1982)
  • På tur (1983)
  • Fem fyrer med ved (1984)
  • Musikk tel arbe' (1986)
  • Gå for gull (1987)
  • Tempo (1989)
  • Full behandling (1990)
  • 11 år uten kvinnfolk (1992)
  • Rock-a-Doodle (1994)
  • Hææærli' på toppen ta væla (1997)
  • Hjulkalender (2000)
  • Bensin på bålet (2007)

Tropes associated with Vazelina Bilopphøggers:

  • Author Appeal: Rock 'n' roll, liquor, cars, Gjøvik, and sports. And wrecking cars, naturally!
  • Band Toon: Several products, including albums and yes, comic books, feature the band members in heavily stylized cartoon form, courtesy of illustrator Dag Endal.
  • Big Fun: "Aagot Stang" may clock in at an eighth of a ton, but she's a nice, helpful sort.
  • Call-Back: "Borghild" features both a lyrical and musical reference to their first single, "Gi meg fri i kveld".
  • Car Song: Oh yeah; on the verge of Author Appeal. After all, these are genuine auto wreckers we're talking about.
  • Celebrity Endorsement: For years they have served as spokesmen for potatoes and its derivative byproducts, even recording several commercial songs.
    • Another well-remembered commercial would be for Grandiosa pizza, to which the brand owes no small debt for its near-ubiquity. The commercial is still running every December, despite the band's lineup having changed in the meantime.