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Music: The Adicts

The Adicts (sometimes also known as Fun Adicts and ADX) are an English Punk Rock band from Ipswitch, Suffolk. They are characterized by their use of droog-inspired outfits and lead singer Monkey's clown clothes and makeup, as well as their playful and lighthearted music. They were one of the more accessible Punk Rock/Pop Punk bands of the 80s alongside The Undertones and Buzzcocks, earning them a following with younger audiences and a chart landing with their 1982 album Sound of Music.

The band are still recording and performing to this day. Their current lineup is Keith "Monkey" Warren (vocals), Pete "Pete Dee" Davison (guitar), Michael "Kid Dee" Davison (drums), John "Scruff" Ellis (guitar), and Shahen Hagobian (bass).

Studio Albums:

  • Songs of Praise (1981)
  • Sound of Music (1982)
  • Smart Alex (1985)
  • Fifth Overture (1986)
  • Twenty-Seven (1992)
  • Rise and Shine (2002)
  • Rollercoaster (2004)
  • Life Goes On (2009)
  • All The Young Droogs (2012)

This band provides examples of:

    Street PunkDropkick Murphys
Frank ZappaRockAgainst Me
A Day to RememberPop PunkAFI

alternative title(s): The Adicts
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