Music / Adam And The Ants

The best known Adam and the Ants lineup
"I got Marco, Merrick, Terry Lee, Gary Tibbs and yours truly"
—"Ant Rap" from the album Prince Charming

Adam and the Ants were a British rock band that had two incarnations, both fronted by Adam Ant. The first ran from 1977-1980 and featured:
  • Matthew Ashman (guitar and backing vocals)
  • David Barbarossa (drums)
  • Leigh Gorman (bass guitar)

The second incarnation spanned 1980-1982, and featured:
  • Chris Merrick Hughes (drums / record producer)
  • Terry Lee Miall (drums)
  • Kevin Mooney (bass guitar)
  • Marco Pirroni (guitar)

Studio Discography:

Compilation Albums:

  • 1990 - Antics in the Forbidden Zone
  • 1994 - Antmusic: The Very Best of Adam Ant
  • 1994 - B-Side Babies
  • 1990 - The Very Best of Adam and the Ants
  • 2006 - Stand and Deliver
  • 2007 - Dandy Highwaymen (The Best of..)

Box Sets:

  • 2001 - ANTBOX

Tropes that apply to the band and their career as a whole (Note: See the individual album pages for their specific tropes)

  • Dressed to Plunder: The general Ants aesthetic. Sashes, big buckled belts, long leather boots and puffy sleeved shirts.
  • Grammy Award: In 1982, they received a nomination for Best New Artist.
  • Greatest Hits Album: Antmusic: The Very Best of Adam Ant, The Very Best of Adam and the Ants, Dandy Highwaymen (The Best of..).
  • Live Album: Adam and the Ants Live at the Marquee 1978
  • Shout-Out: Happens literally several times in their songs just before a guitar solo, where Adam will call out to guitarist Marco, or say for example, "You'd better listen to Marco".
  • Stage Names: Adam Ant AKA Stuart Leslie Goddard and Merrick AKA Chris Hughes
  • Xtreme Kool Letterz:
    • All the Ants albums have 'ADAM' written as 'AⱭAM'
    • Very early in their career, mainly on singles and Dirk Wears White Sox, 'ANTS' is spelled 'ANTZ'.