Music: HammerFall

aka: Hammer Fall
HammerFall is a power and heavy metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden, formed in 1993 by Oscar Dronjak, former guitarist of Ceremonial Oath. A good number of their songs are Hot-Blooded and heroic themed anthems.

And yes, that town in World of Warcraft is named after them and the game's art director has made some of the band's album covers.

Current members:

  • Joacim Cans - Lead vocals
  • Oscar Dronjak - Rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Pontus Norgren - Lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Fredrik Larsson - Bass, backing vocals
  • Anders Johansson - Drums

Former members:

  • Stefan Elmgren - Lead guitar
  • Magnus Rosén - Bass
  • Patrik Räfling - Drums
  • Jesper Strömblad - Drums
  • Glenn Ljungström - Lead guitar
  • Mikael Stanne - Lead vocals
  • Niklas Sundin - Lead guitar
  • Johan Larsson - Bass


  • Glory to the Brave (1997)
  • Legacy of Kings (1998)
  • Renegade (2000)
  • Crimson Thunder (2002)
  • Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken (2005)
  • Threshold (2006)
  • No Sacrifice, No Victory (2009)
  • Infected (2011)
  • (r)Evolution (2014)

They have also released a live album, One Crimson Night in 2003, and two compilation albums, Steel Meets Steel: Ten Years of Glory in 2007 and Masterpieces in 2008. There have also been four video albums, The First Crusade in 1999, The Templar Renegade Crusades in 2002, a video version of One Crimson Night in 2003 and Rebels with a Cause: Unruly, Unrestrained, Uninhibited in 2008.

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