Monster: Comic Books

"The crime is Life. The sentence is Death!"
"I hadda do 'em in th'...eye sockets...the only part of a...human's anatomy...sturdy enough to take (my) lovin' for long. The rest of th'...body just...melts...away before I can get off. A man has needs...(e)specially when his manhood burns hotter'n the surface of th' sun. Be lyin' if I didn't admit that th' screamin' helps get me off."
Willy Pete, Empowered

Remember when villains in Comic Books were harmless thugs and pranksters? These days, you'll find much worse. One of the marks of the Iron Age of comics is the increasing spread of cannibalism or rape as a routine feature of supervillains. And if it's a Garth Ennis book, both at the same time.

Examples with their own pages


  • Back To Brooklyn, by Garth Ennis and Jimmy Palmiotti:
    • Paul "The Wall" Saetta is the hulking boss of the Saetta crime family and "The Man Who Owns Brooklyn." Paul's secret is he's a serial pedophile and murderer in addition to his Mafia nastiness. When his brother Bob discovers a videotape of Paul raping and murdering a little boy, it makes him disgusted enough to turn on Paul. In response, Paul kills multiple police officers to kidnap Bob's family with the implication he will murder Bob's young son Michael if Bob crosses him.
    • Churchill, Paul's "pet psychopath," is a dapper and eloquent gentleman who nevertheless seems to have no feeling towards anyone. When he tracks Bob to an old store Bob used to frequent, he tortures the elderly owner with a straight razor. After carving him to bits, Churchill has the place set on fire, informing the old man he can carry his bedridden wife out to save her after Churchill has left him in no shape to even walk. Churchill later captures Bob's best friend Vinnie and tortures him, only cutting it short with a bullet to the head when he realizes Vinnie will never betray Bob. It is also revealed Churchill is the one who set a deal with Russian mobsters to always provide Paul with immigrant boys.
    • Penny Saetta, Bob's wife, is revealed in the final issue to match her brother-in-law for evil when she reveals to Bob she participated in and did the filming for Paul's activities. Having only married Bob to be a gangster's wife and a self-described “dangerous bitch,” she happily joined in with Paul on his snuff films. When Bob begs her to tell him she didn't involve their son, Penny comments she absolutely made the attempt (Paul just wasn’t interested) before mocking Bob for his morals.
  • Baltimore:
    • The Vampire Monarch Haigus is the object of Henry Baltimore's pursuit. When inadvertently awoken from his slumber by Baltimore, Haigus spends time tormenting Baltimore turning his family into vampires and saving Baltimore's beloved wife for last. He leaves his wife for Baltimore to find, which forces him to destroy his family when they rise. Haigus spreads his plague throughout all of Europe, occasionally massacring entire villages and leaving the bodies strewn all over for Baltimore to find. He resumes his worship of the monstrous Red King and begins preparing the way for the Red King to return and obliterate the world of men. Haigus eventually tires from the endless pursuits and opts to die at Baltimore's hands, but takes delight knowing he's taken everything from him, and tries to murder Baltimore's only remaining friends before taunting Baltimore how he will never, ever know peace.
    • The Curse Bells storyline: The nameless warlock, who is clearly Adolf Hitler (this has been confirmed by Word of God) is a greedy, ambitious man who keeps a large amount of vampiric nuns enslaved to him with the lie he will heal them of vampirism. The warlock uses a dark ritual to resurrect a long-dead witch by feeding her ashes and blood to a pregnant woman so the witch rips its way out of her. The warlock has her curse the bells of the cathedral he uses as a base which will Mind Rape anyone who hears the bells into his slaves with whom he will enslave the world and purge any in the way. The warlock also reveals that he gained his mystic knowledge by entrapping a supernatural leaving a baby for it to eat and catching it while it bathed after the meal.
  • Blacksad: Ivo Statoc is a powerful businessman who serves as the primary villain of the first volume, Somewhere Within the Shadows. Most of the other villains in the series get tragic backstories or redeeming traits, but Statoc is evil and depraved to the core. He made film star Natalia Wilford his mistress, but when he found out she cheated on him, he personally tortured her lover to death, killed Natalia in cold blood, had his way with her corpse afterwards, and threw money at it to make it go away. When one of his associates has had enough and tries to blackmail him with his crimes, Statoc arranges the man's death. Later, he taunts Blacksad by boasting that unlike his foe, he isn't limited by such silly things like ethics and moral scruples, and is so succesful because of his coldbloodedness. The only thing that really interests him is pure, unadulterated power.
  • Blueberry: "Prosit" Von Luckner from the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine arc, a Dirty Coward with a sadistic streak and a propensity to shoot his partners in the back, he has a lot of murders on his conscience, the most notable one being when he put a rattle-snake in the boot of his latest partner and then made him 'dance' so that the venom would spread faster in his system. His latest act of villainy is trapping Blueberry and two other people in a cave with no way out, leaving behind a big taunting message for his victims.
  • The Boys:
    • Black Noir, the clone of Homelander, gleefully Eats Babies, commits murder-rapes, and eats hearts with a Slasher Smile. The villainy of the other two contenders for worst monster in the comic, Homelander and Butcher himself, was ultimately Black Noir's fault too. Black Noir drove Homelander insane by gaslighting him with the aforementioned atrocities so he would receive the sanction to kill him, which Noir thought was the only thing that gave his life meaning since he was created to kill Homelander. One of Black Noir's crimes was raping Butcher's wife Becky, which triggered Butcher's vendetta against superhumans.
    • John Godolkin, a twisted Expy of Professor Charles Xavier, runs his own special, private academy for "special" children. However, unlike Professor X, Godolkin simply kidnaps the children and convinces them they're special, never allowing them to go home again. The children are injected with a formula to give them powers and fill out Godolkin's many teams. However, between the ages of 6 and 9, Godolkin begins molesting the children and has the older children join in. Any who prove too troublesome are simply eliminated. Even in the dark world of The Boys, Godolkin stands out as utterly twisted.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Simone Doffler, the Big Bad of the Season 9 comic, initially started out as a rebellious slayer who didn't see the value of the lives of others and believes that Slayers are superior to normal people, and therefore should rule over them. In an attempt to soften her she was put under the watch of Andrew Wells, hoping to soften her; instead she goes rogue and steals a demon to use as a weapon and asks Buffy to turn over Andrew, who she wants to kill since he annoyed her. She also led a small but growing army of rogue slayers who set up base on a small island, where Simone beat up an old woman who gave them food and shelter. Simone's gang would later commit acts of terrorism, including raiding a military base and killing their general, relishing in the fearsome reputation it gave the slayers. Later Simone learned of the zompires, and plotted to find a way to become one and keep her mind intact, for the sole sake of killing Buffy, with which she has become obsessed. To experiment, she feeds her own followers to them. When she learns Buffy's sister Dawn is dying, she manipulates their friend Xander with a chance to save her by finding the deeper well. Her true intention was to awaken the Old One, Maloker, so that he would sire her into a vampire.
  • Caliban: In this Garth Ennis Sci-Fi Horror series, the body snatching alien, known as Karien after its human host, is a sadistic being of electrical impulses that possesses sentients. It is made clear the alien is a thinking, sentient being who simply doesn't care at all about the lives of others. When the Caliban stumbles on a derelict alien spacecraft, it is revealed that the alien Karien massacred the prior crew. Upon possessing its host, Karien brutally tortures and kills crew members, partially to figure the limits of human physiology, and partly for fun. When it understands human limits enough, Karien proceeds to enhance the body with alien technology before slaughtering the remaining crew save two. Karien intends to force them to take it back to earth so it may proceed to enslave it and rule over it by using humans as tools or bodies to possess.
  • Chew: The Vampire, later known appropriately as The Collector, is a being with the ability to gain the powers of others through eating them. As someone who deeply desires to be the ultimate being, the Collector has hunted down, murdered and cannibalized many people, relishing sadistic mind games he plays with them as well. He isn't averse to a round of torture to get information, either. When he captures the hero Tony Chu's sister "Toni" Chu, he devours an arm and a leg and is furious that he can't gain her powers due to her having loaded up on beets, which blocks his powers. Toni, a psychic who can see the future of what she eats, informs the Collector her brother is going to kill him. Her lack of fear and her taunts make him snap and break her neck, even when he had no reason to kill her at that juncture. Even in such an odd and funny series, the Collector is a monster who treats the murder and cannibalism of so many people as stepping stones in his path to glory and power.
  • Crossed:
    • Addy Pratt's father Joseph has been raping his younger daughters for what may have been ''years'' as "Family Values" starts. He has enough leadership and charisma to keep a very large group of survivors together in the months after the emergence of the Crossed, but he does so through turning the settlement into a religious cult with himself as its messiah.
    • Steve from "Badlands" is shown to have been sadistic, ruthless and sociopathic long before the Crossed outbreak, as demonstrated by her treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib and her abandonment of people who trusted her after the outbreak. While she's implied to have a Freudian Excuse and seemingly mellows out during her travels with her companions, she proves herself a monster when she shoots Greg in the kneecap to leave him for the Crossed and willingly infects herself at the end.
  • Diabolik: Diabolik himself may be a ruthless Master Thief, but he operates with a level of honor and has a set of unbreakable standards. As a result, the comic has introduced some pure evil monsters for him to fight at times.
    • Federico the Duke of Vallenberg: To try and take over the Kingdom of Benglait, he first created out of nowhere the terrorist organization Grey Ravens to provoke a civil war. He then married his ticket to the throne, Altea, and faked his death to avoid being identified as the leader of the Grey Ravens. Next, after Benglait became a republic without him being able to take over, he launched a series of terrorist attacks that nearly killed even Altea. After that bit him back in the ass as Diabolik and Ginko dismantled a branch of his organization, he launched other attacks, including a willingly failed one against Altea to justify both his faking his death and then his sudden return as motivated by his love for her and the desire to protect her while still trying to cause that civil war.
    • Mr Logan, the CEO of a pharmaceutical industry, purchased a Synthetic Plague and its vaccine. His ultimate plan was to release the first into the civilian population in order to wait for the panic and then 'discover' the vaccine, all in the name of money. Logan stands in stark contrast to Diabolik and his more honorable methods of theft. He is willing to kill countless civilians with his manufactured plague, just to line his pockets and achieve fame from it.
  • Dungeon The Early Years: Professor Victor Chambon not only abandons his mentally deficient son, but is also a Diabolical Mastermind who plans on taking over the city by kidnapping the children of the city's leaders and hypnotizing them into assassinating their parents. He also hypnotizes students and uses their bodies to rape women. Some of this was part of his overall scheme, but plenty of it was done solely to satisfy his own desires.
  • Elephantmen: Dr. Nikken, the man responsible for the program that created Hip Flask and the other Elephantmen, shows absolutely no remorse for kidnapping and horrifically killing thousands of women or for creating a race of sentient beings whose sole intended purpose was war. In fact, he’s rather proud of his accomplishments.
  • Empowered:
    • Willy Pete Was Once a Man and is now a fire elemental. But he still has a man's appetites and satisfies them with rape and killing, which, in his case, are one and the same, thanks to his constantly superheated body.And, as we later learn, through cannibalism. Because all normal food is incinerated on contact with him, he resorts to eating superheroes/villains. The worst part is that he doesn't even need to eat'; he just does it because he likes the taste. Oh, and he still manages to top himself at the end of volume five via instant death of ten supers, followed by throwing as much fire as he could through the portal they came through without even knowing what was on the other end, thereby forcing Emp and Mindfuck into a Sadistic Choice from hell.
    • Now that he's actually been shown as something other than a vaguely defined "heavy hitter" of a supervillain, Deathmonger. Killing Superheroes in the world of Empowered is bad enough. But then Volume 6 tells us that the only reason he kills them is to see if they're one of the few who come back to life after getting killed. If they do, he enslaves them with his superscience and necrotech to serve him however he wants. Forever. The worst part is, he leaves most of them fully conscious of what has happened, but unable to do anything to help themselves. There's really no other category for someone who decapitates a still presumably conscious hero, turns where his head was into a mobile command center, then forces him to use his indestructible severed skull as a weapon. To top that, though, he did it again to said hero's sister who came to try and rescue him. For extra evil, it's implied that Deathmonger doesn't even need them conscious to control them. If there's enough of them left to be aware, he seems to just prefer them conscious. For such a lighthearted series, Empowered sure manages to get a lot of brutal villains.
    • Ninjette's father. In the span of 'Jette's lifetime, he has beat her senseless on several occasions under the pretense of training, repeatedly undermined her self esteem and made it so she was unnaturally weary of forming interpersonal relationships. When he betrothed his daughter to a Dirty Old Man of an allied clan, Ninjette tried to lose her virginity (the deal was for a virgin bride) but her clan was too frightened of her father to take her up on the offer. Instead, she slept with her childhood friend who was prince of an allied clan. Her father's reaction was to slaughter his bodyguard, castrate the prince and stuff that in his mouth before ripping his head off, fully knowing there'd be a war. He then proceeded to beat his daughter so she couldn't participate. Or piss without blood. Or eat solid food. To top it off, he's been shown as raping a genin around his daughter's age and is bent on dragging his runaway daughter back to the clan without hands or feet to serve as a broodmare
  • G.I. Joe: The original comic, first under Marvel, now with IDW, has Doctor Venom. Where Cobra Commander at least had a couple humanizing moments, Venom was pure evil incarnate distilled into paint thinner. He invented a machine whose sole purpose was Mind Raping prisoners, which was then adapted into brainwashing them. He had to team up with Kwinn and Snake Eyes for their mutual survival, yet never missed a chance to back-stab one or both of them and would repeatedly end up begging for his miserable life if cornered. If that's not enough, when Destro went into a Heroic BSOD at the sight of Baroness making an apparent Heroic Sacrifice to save him, Venom commented to Cobra Commander, "Doesn't he realize love is just the overestimation of one woman's value over another?" within earshot of Destro! Not only did he never show remorse, he never showed anything but child-like glee when inflicting suffering on others and anger if they survived.
  • Grendel: Tujiro, the vampiric Kabuki dancer Arch-Enemy of the second incarnation, puts any of the masked vigilantes and crime lords to shame in the evil department. For all his evil deeds, the first Grendel, Hunter Rose, never harm children physically or psychologically. Tujiro, on the other hand is a serial killer who specializes in young boys. First he drains them of their blood while taking one of their eyes as trophies. The other he eats. Tujiro runs a human slaving operation where people are kidnapped for forced servitude and he has easy access to any child he wants. Escaping justice at the hands of the mother of a victim, Tujiro ends up as the pope in a dystopian future where thousands are worked to death and enslaved to him. Tujiro gruesomely murders those who discover his true nature and uses his position to continue his disturbing feeding habits. His ultimate goal is to create a gun to blot out the sun and establish a reign of vampires where humans are nothing but cattle.
  • Grimm Fairy Tales is a Darker and Edgier retooling of many classic stories and it shows in some of its villains.
    • The Jabberwocky is the dark ruler of the mad realm of Wonderland. The Jabberwocky lures in innocents to Wonderland-preferably children-or has its cultists sacrifice them to the dark realm. All there are steadily drained of their sanity and find their human forms twisted until they are insane monsters and slaves to the realm's madness. The Jabberwocky spread its corruption over the once happy realm and its ultimate wish is to break free of Wonderland and spread its darkness to the 'real' world as well.
    • Cal King of the Robyn Hood story is possibly the most evil human villain in the whole mythos. An utter sociopath who bragged about stabbing a gay boy and getting away with it, Cal led the gang rape of the heroine Robin and then carved out her eye for spite. After nearly being burned to death, Cal returned with dark powers and an even greater drive for evil. He slaughters any of Robin's friends he finds, murdered the child son of King John and demonstrated nothing short of absolute glee in hurting everyone he could.
    • Pan, the dark ruler of Neverland, took control by ousting its previous ruler Barr. Pan proceed to destroy all the Fairies, except his manipulative lover Belle, and set up a dark tyranny over Neverland. To keep his powers and control, Pan used Belle's powers to abduct young boys from earth and devour them to steal their life force. After this, he resurrected them as undead slaves to his will-his "Lost Boys." Pan held almost total control over Neverland and when the only victim to ever escape him returned, Pan attempted to kill him with nothing short of undisguised relish and fury at anyone who challenged his selfish rule.
  • Hack Slash:
    • The Big Bad is Akakios, AKA Samhain. At first he is a man with Laser-Guided Amnesia and a Dark and Troubled Past who is an ally and later lover of heroine Cassandra Hack. After a series of events, however, it is revealed that Samhain is the original "slasher," Akakios, founder of the evil Black Lamp Society. Regaining his memories and true personality, Akakios is disgusted by his former self's feelings for Cassandra, reasoning he could have taken her any time "whether she wanted it or not." Akakios forges the undead slashers into a fighting force and systematically kidnaps or kills everyone Cassie loved, purging the upper echelons of the Black Lamp Society for being "too nice," despite their own atrocities. Akakios plans to spread the slasher disease, turning innocent humans all over the globe into murderous monsters.
    • For a slasher example, there's Ashley Guthrie. While admittedly amusing here and there, he's still a child sociopath who, even before he became a member of The Undead, did things like strangle a litter of kittens to death (he was annoyed his cat was spending so much time with them) before caving his baby brother's skull in (he was annoyed he was always playing with his toys). After becoming a slasher, his first acts were to cause his father to commit suicide and drive his mother insane. His very first appearance has him killing a little girl in a dream (similar to Freddy Krueger).
    • Dr. Andrew Rodin stands out in the franchise by virtue of not even being a Slasher, just a normal human. The admittedly sadistic Rodin is the most vile human member of the Black Lamp society, using his scientific genius to create women for the sole purpose of being sex slaves, which often end up abused. He creates other species for the sole purpose of killing others and brutally slaughters a co-worker when she objects.
  • Hellboy: In this dark world, Nimue, the Queen of Blood, reigns supreme as the greatest monster. Once a mighty sorceress who betrayed the great Wizard Merlin and imprisoned him to live eternally in his own grave, Nimue was imprisoned for 1,500 years by the witches of Britain. Upon her revival to lead the Wild Hunt, Nimue destroys the other witches of Britain and sets about marshaling an army of the Fae. When one ambassador comes to her to say his king will stand with her, Nimue forces him to murder his king, cut out his heart and forge her a new crown with it. Nimue launches vicious purges to ensure there is no threat to her rule, intending to exterminate humanity to the last man. When defeated and being dragged to hell by the witches she'd murdered, Nimue spitefully tears out Hellboy's heart to ensure she won't face damnation alone.
  • A History of Violence: "Little" Lou Manzi from the comic version is a ravenously psychotic mob boss and Torture Technician who makes Cold-Blooded Torture his hobby. Since becoming the head of the boss twenty years before the story, Manzi keeps a man as a toy, torturing him in every conceivable way he can think of day in and day out till the man is nothing more than an armless, legless chunk of meat—barely alive and conscious. In present, he tries to get the man's partner back to be his victim as well by threatening his family and his young children.
  • Irredeemable: The Plutonian, after his Face-Heel Turn, seems to be determined to be the biggest one of these he can be. The essential purpose of the book is to ask the question of "What would happen if Superman suddenly turned evil?" Given how the first thing we see him do is murdering a mother and her baby, and that's not even the first thing he's done to cross the Moral Event Horizon, the answer seems to be "He'd fit in this trope pretty nicely, actually." The aforementioned atrocity obviously being just a beginning, he also partially and painfully lobotomized his former teen sidekick, knowing full well that he is effectively immortal and will have to suffer eternal brain damage. He later allows his former compatriots to choose only ten out of millions of Singaporeans to rescue from a massive tsunami (that he triggers, natch) prior to his absolute destruction of Singapore. which he destroyed because the UN representative of the aforementioned country wasn't entirely honest about why his country wanted to elect him as their absolute monarch. After being captured by the Vespa, he is shown to dream of reversing all the horrible things he did - implication being not because he was punished, but out of regret. Except, subsequently, when given the opportunity to redeem himself i.e accepting the telepathic alien's offer to help him, he mercilessly refuses it. As a first thing he does upon returning to Earth, he carves his initials into the USA, uses the new paradigm as projectiles, arranges a kinky threesome with Cutter and Belle Noir, and promises rivers of blood to his followers. Burrows, the man who made a town commit suicide, chooses to kill himself rather than face the Plutonian's plans for earth, and his former Arch-Enemy Max Damage does a complete Heel-Face Turn after being in one of the towns he destroyed.
  • Judge Dredd: As a police state after the end, the dystopia of Mega-City One is not a great place to live, and Judge Dredd himself is an Anti-Hero. That said, these characters are much worse.
    • Judge Death, the leader of the Dark Judges, is Judge Dredd's evil counterpart and arch-enemy. While all the Dark Judges (Death, Fear, Fire, and Mortis) are nasty pieces of work, Death is the only one who was shown as pure evil while alive. Born Sidney De'ath on an alternate Earth, he killed his whole family (but not before inheriting his father's love of torture), starting a career as a Judge so he and his followers could kill people for any excuse they can think of. Death made living a crime on his home world and destroyed it, becoming an undead monstrosity who seeks to spread the power of the grave to as many worlds as he can. This includes the conquest of Mega-City One and killing off sixty million of its inhabitants during his rule over the "Necropolis"; killing, torturing, and cannibalizing victims with the Sisters of Death (calling it "an acquired taste in unspeakable acts of depravity"); mind raping unfortunate people to kill others for him; slaughtering his way through orphan shelters and maternity wards just to piss off Judge Anderson and lure her into a trap; and disintegrating Las Vegas with a nuclear missile. Death always returns to destroy any life he can, sadistically murdering those who cross his path while seeking the destruction of all that lives.
    • The Apocalypse War storyline: War Marshal "Mad Dog" Kazan is the downright psychotic leader of the armed forces of East Meg One. Together with the Diktatorat, the three-man ruling council of that Sov-Block Mega City, he cold-bloodedly planned the Apocalypse War for years, knowing full well that it would result in the deaths of hundreds of millions, including tens of millions from his own city, and that was the best case scenario (Supreme Judge Bulgrarin and Judge Snekov of the Diktatorat are okay with this, while Judge Vlad has qualms). Kazan led the ground invasion of Mega City One after the nuclear attack already wiped out its entire southern half, killing millions more and enslaving the conquered people. He has the Diktatorat assassinated and declares himself Supreme Judge to claim sole credit for victory in the war and to gain power. Kazan also has a habit of treating the men under his command horribly, sending soldiers who fail their mission to Siberia without winter clothing, forcing his second-in-command—who inadvertently cost him victory by allowing Judge Dredd to escape—to play a daily game of Russian Roulette until his death, and executing one of his generals for merely suggesting surrender after Kazan's war of conquest is clearly lost. Determined to perpetuate the destructive conflict for his own glory and against the wishes of his war-weary men, his final words after Dredd executes him with the co-operation of Kazan's soldiers is that he regrets nothing he's done.
    • Judgement Day storyline: Sabbat the Necromagus is a powerful and immortal necromancer with an affinity for the dead who wants to wipe out all life. When he was known as the human Soppi Walters on a planet in the Strontium Dog universe, he killed a friendly witch to get access to her books on Black Magic, first using it to turn a school bully into a lifeless pet so he could torment him for eternity. He proceeded to kill everyone on his homeworld before moving on to other planets, using the corpses as his undead army for eventual galactic conquest. When Johnny Alpha tracks him down, Sabbat travels to Earth's past so he can erase Alpha's timeline by creating a Zombie Apocalypse to destroy humanity. He also causes planes to instantly crash all around the globe to quarantine the cities from each other. He succeeds at murdering three billion people and wiping out five Mega Cities. He later captures Judge Dredd's strike team and proceeds to slowly torture them to death, assuring them that they'll be the last living humans on the planet when he finally extinguishes their lives.
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Hawley Griffin, aka the Invisible Man, is a psychopath recruited by England so his powers could be utilized for special missions. Introduced hiding in an all-girls boarding school, Griffin's been taking advantage of his powers to rape the teenagers there. He's already impregnated three girls and is apprehended in the process of raping a fourth. When he joins the league, it's not out of any sense of altruism but because he's been promised a cure for his condition, a pardon for his crimes, and a large sum of money. During his tenure on the team, Griffin displays streaks of cruelty and cowardice in equal measure. At one point he beats an innocent constable to death simply because he wanted the man's clothes, and at the climax of the team's first adventure, Griffin attempts to abandon the league to their deaths when things get too dangerous. With the arrival of the invading Martians, Griffin eagerly approaches them and sells out his entire planet to the invaders just so he can rule alongside them. Griffin gives the Martians information on where the human artillery positions are so they can slaughter their opposition, tries to get his teammates killed by selling out their hideout's location, brutalizes Mina Murray while stealing valuable military information, and advises the Martians to use their Red Weed to destroy the Thames and incapacitate the Nautilus. In a series where even monsters can be heroes, Griffin was never anything but a selfish, megalomaniacal snake who was willing to let his race be butchered and enslaved just so he could rule over what was left.
  • Miracleman: Kid Miracleman, as re-envisioned by Alan Moore and John Totleben, is both so powerful and so psychotic that his alter ego, the young and innocent Johnny Bates, resists uttering his transformation word. When Johnny finally does so to stop the boys in his group home from raping him, Kid Miracleman tears apart his assailants and momentarily considers sparing the one nurse who'd been kind to him. Then he reconsiders, lest people say he's "going soft", and punches the top half of her head into a fine red mist. And that's just the beginning: he then rampages through London, creating possibly the most visceral Scenery Gorn in history by massacring tens of thousands and desecrating their corpses by draping their flayed skins from clothes lines, creating a chessboard with breasts as pieces, and making a rain of severed hands and feet. During his destructive rampage, he prefers to mutilate the children in his path rather than kill them outright.
  • Predator: Bad Blood: Bad Blood himself, unlike most Predators, or Yautja, who value honor and the glory of the hunt, is an Ax-Crazy Serial Killer hunted by his own people as a psychotic criminal. Crash-landing on earth, the Bad Blood kills, tortures and cannibalizes a crew of other Predators before setting off on a killing spree of unsuspecting humans. The Bad Blood routinely makes his kills as gruesome and painful as possible, seeming to cheerfully acknowledge himself as a "sick, psychopathic bastard." While most Predators are no friend to humanity, the Bad Blood has the distinction of being a monster by both human and Yautja standards.
  • Rex Mundi: The Duke of Lorraine, at first, seems like a decent guy, if a bit harsh with his dead wife, his daughter hating him and trying to win the affections of heroine Genevieve. He soon reveals himself as a vicious monster who masterminds a murderous secret society for the purpose of seizing power in France and launching a bloody crusade to conquer all he can, expelling or just murdering Muslims, massacring anyone who stands in his way, and launching bloody pogroms of 'unfit' minorities. (Nazi allegories in effect.) Lorraine crosses the Moral Event Horizon from the massacres he orders, then by ruthlessly shooting the pregnant Genevieve when she reveals the child she's carrying is hero Julien Sauniere's.
  • Severed: The nameless Salesman who often goes by Mr. Fisher and who has been on the road for countless centuries hunting down children in order to devour them and their dreams. Posing as a kindly salesman to take them under his wing, he lures them into traps where he reveals his sharp teeth and devours them alive. When he encounters the young hero Jack, the Salesman murders the real Mr. Fisher to steal his identity and takes Jack on a game of cat and mouse, murdering and eating his friend Samantha. When he catches Jack at the end, the Salesman gloats over all the evil he's done over the years and how many dreams he's devoured before chopping off Jack's arm, planning to eat him and force Jack's mother to partake.
  • Sin City: Due to the general morality, the villains are usually really bad. These are the absolute worst that the Crapsack World setting has to offer:
    • Kevin from "The Hard Goodbye" (with a short cameo in "That Yellow Bastard") is a young, cannibalistic serial killer who acts as a hitman for Cardinal Roark when he's not murdering and eating prostitutes — and he eats them piece by piece, keeping the women alive as long as possible and making them watch, as evidenced when he got his hands on Lucille, Marv's parole officer, who was found by Marv and survived, but lost one of her hands to him before the two escaped, ending up as the trope codifier for forced to watch. However, he gets one of the most gruesome, over-the-top, terribly long, and yet poetic punishments imaginable from the sociopathic hero Marv...even then, he smiles all the way to the end while being eaten by his pet wolf to deny Marv the pleasure of victory or revenge, and when Marv saws off his head to finish him, he doesn't give out a single scream.
    • Roark Junior from "That Yellow Bastard" is the son of a US Senator with the appearance of a handsome young playboy. In reality, he is a sadistic pedophile with a penchant for raping and murdering preteen girls and who loves the sound of screaming. These horrible crimes are covered up by his corrupt Senator father (brother of the aforementioned Cardinal, natch), which means that no one on the police force is willing to take him down until John Hartigan saves his latest victim, Nancy Callahan, and goes through eight long years of prison for it because of the vengeful Senator dad. Near the end, it's revealed that Roark Junior is impotent unless he hears little girls scream in pain and that there were hundreds of victims.
    • The Colonel, also known as The Salesman, is one of the top enforcers in Herr Wallenquist's Basin City Mob. He runs a clandestine division of contract killers and occasionally performs the hits himself. He mentors new trainees to shed all redeeming traits so they can become remorseless killing machines, inducing one of them into murdering the only man she ever loved before assigning her the code name "Blue Eyes". His largest operation is the "Human Resources" division, a massive kidnapping, sex slave-trading, brainwashing, organ harvesting and industrial-strength porn production operation. He kills off one of his own henchmen through eye scream on the off chance that the hero Wallace might track the minion down, after previously having the man's male lover stabbed to death with over a dozen knives. He has an alliance with a dirty cop named Leibowitz, but when Leibowitz's loyalty might falter, he orders his son's arm broken as a warning and threatens to kill his whole family. The Colonel is pretty obviously a sociopath who displays no character traits other than hinting at a wish to direct the bodies of the people around him, to see their "full potential" realized.
  • Spawn, while an incredibly dark comic from The Dark Age of Comic Books, has several monsters who stand out:
    • Mammon operates as The Man Behind the Man to the devil Malebolgia. A Fallen Angel known as the lord of The Forgotten Ones, Mammon desired to create the perfect Hellspawn to assist him in ascending to rulership of all creation. To this end, Mammon haunted the bloodlines of Al Simmons and Wanda Blake, sowing death and destruction to create more Hellspawn and always leaving corpses and ruined lives in his wake. Mammon proves himself to be Spawn's greatest, most intelligent and most dangerous enemy, condemning the souls Spawn would seek to protect to hell to use them as leverage for their loved ones, and making deals to consolidate his power. When Satan returns and is furious at Mammon for claiming the throne, Mammon gets back in his former master's good graces by proposing to detonate the San Andreas Fault to kill and add the souls of many mortals to Hell's legions. After Satan is removed, Mammon unveils his master stroke- with heaven and hell sealed off from the world, Mammon sets about to conquer it from behind the scenes with Spawn's demonic daughter Morana, the product of his grand ambition.
    • In life, Billy Kincaid was a sadistic child killer. After being freed from jail, he lured a small girl into his ice cream truck and then murdered her. He then proceeded to chop off the girl's fingers and glue them onto a board as a trophy. After Spawn discovered Kincaid's brutal crimes, he killed Kincaid, sending him to hell. Dead, Kincaid became even worse than ever, given the task by Hell to gather more souls for them. Kincaid did this by possessing people and making them act out their worse impulses. This resulted in the murder of dozens of innocent people and the damnation of several more people to Hell, though Kincaid was having far too much fun to care. Kincaid also delighted in torturing the souls of children, especially one young boy part of the 'legion' inside of Spawn himself.
    • Clown/Violator was Spawn's Evil Mentor, sent by Malebolgia to train Spawn to be a solider in Hell's army. However, rather than train Spawn, Violator had a tendency to commit horrible crimes, such as ripping the hearts out of random mob bosses, just for fun. Later, Violator kidnapped Cyan, the 3 year old daughter of Spawn's widow Wanda. Violator framed Spawn for the kidnapping and then tried to kill Cyan by giving her a glass of poisoned milk. Spawn rescued Cyan and killed Violator in his clown form, sending him back to Hell. Violator later returned from Hell and possessed Jason Wynn, turning him into a Serial Killer. Wynn, under Violator's influence, would hire prostitutes that looked like Wanda and then murder them. Violator eventually gained complete control over Wynn's body and used his powers to turn random citizens into "clowns," transforming them into Brainwashed and Crazy psychopaths. Violator then ordered his clowns to go an violent rampage, resulting in massive property damage and several deaths. Violator later saved the life of a man of Barney Saunders, but this was no act of charity. Violator needed a new body to possess and chose Saunders. After possessing Saunders's body, Violator uses his powers to force the residents in Saunders's apartment complex to commit horrible crimes, including murder. Violator was able to use the violence in the apartment complex to further empower himself and then attempted to open a portal to Hell, which would allow his demon brothers to wreak havoc on Earth.
  • Streets Of Glory, by Garth Ennis: Red Crow is an Apache warrior, well known for his love of, and talent for, cold blooded torture. The hero, retired badass Colonel Joe Dunn, recalls Red Crow's vicious rampages in flashbacks that reveal the man carving the guts out of his victims with a huge slasher smile. When he resurfaces at the end of the 19th century, Red Crow announces himself by abducting a man, chopping off his fingers, cutting off his manhood and stuffing it in his mouth before sewing his lips shut and letting him wander back into town. when Dunn and his team set off after Red Crow, Red Crow gleefully scalps a member of their party before slaughtering every other man besides Dunn and his young protege, avoiding killing them immediately so he can torture them to death later. When mortally wounded, Red Crow refuses to subject himself to any human laws and opts to hurl himself off a cliff, laughing the whole way down.
  • Thorgal:
    • The Fall of Brek Zarith: Shardar is especially nasty, deciding that rather than just surrender his rule to the rightful heir to the throne, it's better to poison his own court and destroy all his treasures, leaving the kingdom bankrupt, hoping that, to restore it, the new ruler will be forced to become as big a tyrant as him, while he escapes and plans to start new conquest, using the psychic powers of the baby he kidnapped.
    • The Guardian of the Keys: Volsung of Nichor, a Dirty Coward introduced and killed in the third album of the series, is brought back to life by evil lesser deity, Nidhogg, who turns him into a perfect doppleganger of Thorgal. The deal is simple - he will seduce another deity who happened to have a soft spot for Thorgal, the titular Guardian, steal her magic belt, and bring it to Nidhogg, who will return him to his real form and grant him new life. Volsung steals the belt, returns to Midgard, kills Thorgal, takes his place, and, using magic powers of the belt, takes over the control of his village, murdering the current chief, rapes his wife, and threatens to smash the head of Thorgal's baby daughter, all to destroy Thorgal's good name and avenge his own death...that he had brought upon himself - Thorgal's only crime was being there when Volsung got himself killed, he hadn't move a finger to help it and couldn't have stop it in any way.
  • The Unfunnies: Troy Hicks intentionally turns a cartoon world into a horrifying Crapsack World for shits and giggles. He knows they're not just drawings, since he switched places with a poor sucker from that world to escape death row, where he was on due to his being a child molester/killer.
  • Usagi Yojimbo
    • Lord Hikiji, the ultimate Big Bad of the series, schemes to be Shogun. Having murdered Usagi's father and master Lord Mifune, Hikiji launches brutal attacks on his enemies to kill and conquer all they possess. Preferring to operate from the shadows, Hikiji often resorts to dark schemes to foment chaos and murder in order to give himself an edge. He frequently disposes of his operatives while treating them as disposable pawns. Hikiji shows how truly monstrous he is in the coda to the saga Senso when a group of aliens crash on the world. Initially thought to have been killed, Hikiji later reveals that he has joined the aliens as an ally and is leading an attack on his own province to slaughter his own people in order to demonstrate his power to the entire planet. No longer content with just Japan, Hikiji believes he is destined to rule the entire planet, no matter who he has to slaughter.
    • Noriko, known as the Blood Princess, has had homicidal tendencies since childhood, where she would always beat her cousin Tomoe in spars to inflict as much pain as she could. In the present day, Noriko runs a mine, using slaves that have been press-ganged into service and worked to the point of death. Should any slave falter, Noriko promptly beheads the nearest one to serve as a morale-booster for the others. When she captures Tomoe, Noriko delights in treating her as a slave and when Tomoe refuses to perform the labor, Noriko furiously cuts down a random slave woman. When Tomoe immediately obeys to stop more death, Noriko sneers at her for caring about those of low birth. To conceal the mines, Noriko plans to blow it up, with every slave inside after all its resources are gone. She also reveals that she and Tomoe are actually ''sisters'' and when their father refused to acknowledge Noriko as his daughter, she murdered him, just as she had the man who raised her for for being weak. She reveals this while savagely beating Tomoe, taunting her that it's Tomoe's fault that he died.
    • General Fujii was the head of a gang that took over a village. They reduced the workers to slaves, and ordered them to farm and cultivate for long hours. They would continue to do this until the tax collector came, at which point they would just kill all the villagers and go to another town. When Usagi infiltrates them, he's discovered and tortured, with Fujii taking his swords. When the peasants revolt, the slaughter their way through them, and Fujii abandons most of his men to die or face the police. He and his loyal Dragon take over another gang and launch raids on a village, where he almost murders the elderly headsman for refusing them. When the heroes attack the gang to take him down, he abandons his dragon to run. He is such a bastard that even the aforementioned gang becomes repulsed by him. Usagi actually repeatedly calls him a "monster".
      Fujii: Yes, I suppose I am.
  • The Walking Dead:
    • The Governor is an insane despotic leader of a small town of survivors, who feeds any survivors from outside the town to the zombies in order to keep them docile so he can run "fights" between people in his town with the zombies surrounding them. And this is only the start of all the sick shit he does during his run in the series, which includes raping one of the main characters repeatedly, leaving his own daughter (actually niece) "alive" as a zombie so he can keep her as a pet, and being responsible for the deaths of the vast majority of the cast in issue #48.
    • When the protagonists first encounter Thomas Richards, he merely comes across as a nerdy, polite and ultimately harmless inmate imprisoned for tax evasion. This makes it all the more shocking when he's revealed to be a homicidal lunatic who was really imprisoned for dismembering his wife for no reason at all besides his own enjoyment. Thomas decapitated two little girls, Hershel Greene's twin daughters, Rachel and Susie, and ,taking advantage of the confusion surrounding his murders, attempted to decapitate Andrea as well. While he failed in his attempt, he ended up scarring her in the process. Eventually captured, when the community looks like they're going to execute him, Thomas is rescued by a woman he had befriended earlier named Patricia. Believing that Thomas is insane, not evil, and in need of psychological help, Patricia plans on the two of them escaping together. In thanks, Thomas immediately tries to strangle her to death. Though a minor antagonist in the grand scheme of things, Thomas acted as a dark harbinger of what was to come by showing how much worse humans could be than zombies.