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Manga: Somedays Dreamers II Sora

Sora Suzuki is a 16-year old girl who lives on the countryside of Hokkaido with her mother. She has the ability to use magic, which seems to be something quite ordinary in the setting of the story. She heads for Tokyo to attend an internship, which prepares her to become an officially recognized mage. After attaining her title, she plans to carry out the request of her deceased father.

In Tokyo she makes new friends and gathers new experiences, meanwhile leaving a big impression on most everyone she meets.

Someday's Dreamers II: Sora, (also known as Someday's Dreamers II ~Summer Skies~ and Mahou Tsukai Ni Taisetsu Na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~ in Japan) is the sequel to Somedays Dreamers, dealing with the same basic premise of a magical internship, but with totally different characters and storyline. The anime series is based on the manga by Norie Yamada and Kumichi Yoshizuki, running for 12 episodes in 2008, produced by Hal Film Maker.

Despite the magical theme, it is very much a slice of life show, emphasizing the relationships between the characters. This is not to say that some of the magic feats aren't impressive though—especially Sora's. The series is also notable for its highly detailed backgrounds, set in real-life locations, which are used for large amounts of scenery porn.

This series provides examples of:

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alternative title(s): Mahou Tsukai Ni Taisetsu Na Koto Natsu No Sora; Somedays Dreamers II Sora
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