Manga / Clover

I only want your happiness, knowing I can never be yours to share it.

One of CLAMP's lesser-known works, Clover is a story about a young girl named Suu with mysterious powers. Ex-soldier Kazuhiko is tasked with the mission to escort her to Fairy Park, where she hopes that she can find happiness. Suu is part of a group of gifted individuals called "Clovers" who have the power to manipulate technology, and each Clover's power is classified by a clover-leaf tattoo categorizing their strength. Suu is the only known Clover to have a power level of four leaves.

The manga first began printing in 1997 and four volumes have been released (out of a planned six). In 1999, a short animated musical film was made based on it. The series is currently on hiatus.

Not to be confused with the (now closed) game studio Clover.

This manga provides examples of: