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Welcome To Evil Mart
Here, you can find all of the delightfully vile tools you could ever need as a Big Bad. Need a Death Trap? We carry them all, from Acid Pools to Trap Doors! Looking to make your Mooks more reliable? You can trade in the standard issue variety for top-of-the-line Evil Inc. Mecha-Mooks! Want to build a new Super Villain Lair or Den of Iniquity? We offer not only the materials, but some of the finest dark and foreboding real estate around! Anything and everything you need for your Evil Plan is available and affordably priced.

So, what will it be today?

Not to be confused with Predatory Business, which is about corporations that are seen as evil due to unsavory business practices.

See also Black Market.


Comic Books
  • Several Marvel villains made careers out of this: Arcade used to make money by producing robotic "heroes" for the villains to practice on while Taskmaster made money by providing training for mooks.

Film Animated
  • Despicable Me has the Bank Of Evil (formerly Lehman Brothers).
  • Mega Mind subverts this: he builds all his gadgets himself and he gets all his decorative stuff ("computers" that consist of nothing but flashing lights) from a small outlet in Romania.
  • The entire country of Malaria in Igor, though it's less "buy our evil stuff" and more "pay us to not sell it".

Film Live Action


Live-Action TV
  • The underworld black magic market seen in one episode of Charmed.
  • An episode of The Unusuals featured a store that sold murder equipment.

Tabletop Games
  • The Champions supplement Gadgets! mentioned two organizations that sold weapons and other equipment to super villains: the West German KRONOS and Japanese ISE (International Scientific Elite).
  • Shadowrun. Fixers sell illegal equipment (including weapons and ammunition) to shadowrunners.

Video Games
  • City of Heroes: As a natural part of Villains being possible player characters, has plenty of stores selling various goods, want to make your radiation gun hit harder? Just buy an enhancement from one of the countless quartermasters and stores all over Rogue Isles!
  • The Octopus in Goldeneye Rogue Agent.
  • Arguably, these exist in Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines for the Player Character, though some may consider them to be anti-hero mart. These black-market dealers include- in order of severity: a pawnshop owner selling knives and 38. calibre pistols without a license; a bored clerk at a 7-11 offloading firearms to supplement meagre pay; a Chinese ex-military herbalist with several "remedies" that can only be bought with cash; a black-market dealer with more than a few ties to organised crime, working from the back of his truck; finally, there's Mercurio, a Ghoul arms dealer working for Prince Lacroix, capable of finding just about anything for anyone. A borderline case may be found in the form of Pisha the Nagrajara, a flesh-eating immortal lurking in the basement of a condemned hospital, who'll happily hand over some very useful items- provided you can find the occult items she's been searching for.

Web Comics
  • The webcomic Evil Inc.. is all about one of these.
  • In Sinfest, the Devil apparently runs the vast majority of corporations, and thus, nearly every business is like this.

Western Animation

Truth in Television
  • In Real Life, there's the black market where you can get things you're not supposed to be legally getting.

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