Tooth Strip

Barney gives us an accurate depiction of a Tyrannosaur's dentition.

Most people have 32 teeth, and in animation it isn't always practical to draw each individual tooth in a character's mouth. In some case it can run the risk of careening down the Uncanny Valley. Because of this, a popular way of simplifying teeth is to draw them as a solid toothy mass stretching from one side of the mouth to the other.

Mostly an ignored trope. Especially unusual when some characters have tooth strips while others have realistically drawn teeth. Depending on how loosely an animator is tethered to their model sheets, this can vary Depending on the Artist.

Contrast with British Teeth and More Teeth than the Osmond Family when you really do mean to see each one of those pearly whites.


Anime And Manga
  • Characters drawn in manga usually have these. And when they do, it's usually the creepy/funny-looking kind.
    • Notably averted in BECK in that every character has all their teeth visibly shown.
  • The only character in Speed Racer that has individual teeth is Captain Terror.
  • One Piece Zig-Zags this. A good portion of the time characters are shown with these teeth with notable exceptions like Arlong, especially early in the series, though later on it sort of goes back and forth with this.

  • The Iguanadons in Dinosaur all have tooth strips, as a sop to real Iguanadons having beaks.


Live Action TV
  • This is one of the signature traits of the eponymous purple dinosaur, Barney.
  • The Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger have their helmets molded to resemble dinosaur heads; where helmets based on carnivores have serrated triangular patterns for teeth, the herbivore-based helmets have just a set of strips on the top and bottom.

Newspaper Comics
  • Parodied in FoxTrot. Roger tries a whitening toothpaste which erases all the lines between his teeth.

Video Games
  • All of the Sonic the Hedgehog characters are shown this way, though quite a few of them have Cute Little Fangs as well.
  • This is how a great many Nintendo characters are drawn; exceptions, such as Wario and King Hippo, are almost always to invoke Gonk.


Western Animation

Alternative Title(s):

Barney Teeth, Mouthwide Teeth, Dental Horseshoe, Uni Tooth, Monotooth Smile, One Wide Tooth, One Row Tooth