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Three-Dimensional Episode
You did save the glasses from last time, right?

"Can we please agree on one form of 3-D? I'm just getting tired of having to get a new pair of glasses every time there's a new 3-D gimmick."

Occasionally, a network will get the brilliant idea to film an episode in 3-D, thus forcing the public to go on a search for the special 3-D glasses that work for this episode alone which are either given out by a store or inserted in a magazine. It's more of a novelty act than anything else. Definitely known for having "cheap 3-D tricks" in which all kinds of weird items (explosions, snakes, guns, anything flying through the air) will shoot out at the viewer. Also a guarantee of Incredibly Bad Writing ensuing as entire plots have to screech to a halt to indulge in the network's gimmickry.

As seen below, the 3-D episodes only take place around either sweeps weeks or event programming like after the Super Bowl.

Disney theme parks do a lot of these, including Captain EO, Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, Muppet*Vision 3D and It's Tough to Be a Bug!. See also 3-D Movie, Paddleball Shot.


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     Comic Books 

    Live Action TV 


    Western Animation 
  • The Dust Bunnies episode of Rugrats. It used the Chroma Depth method and required special glasses.
  • The KaBlam! episode Won't Crack or Peel! was originally broadcast in 3-D (similar to the above Rugrats episode, it used Chroma Depth and needed the glasses, known as Noggle-Vision for the week in 1997, and after that, the episode would be slightly re-done without the 3-D). The episode focused on Henry and June introducing "KaBlam!-o-Vision", which was supposed to have the audience interact with the show (cute little gags like having a Staring Contest with the duo (which included June plucking out her eyeballs and sticking them to the screen)
    • Nickelodeon did it again with "Smell-O-Vision" (smelly TV in 3-D).
  • Similar to Noggle-Vision, Cartoon Network did a week of shows in 3-D in 2007.
  • Parodied in a sequence in the Futurama episode "Law and Oracle", complete with Shout Outs to Avatar and gratuitous Paddleball Shots. It ends with a caption saying "PUT ON 3-D GLASSES ONE MINUTE AGO".

    Web Original 
  • Far Lands Or Bust did this for the 100th episode, and true to the trope it was generally regarded as a bad decision afterwards by everyone involved.
  • The whole 5th season of The Jace Hall Show, though the focus on the effect was lowered in the latter episodes of the season.
  • The Cinema Snob's review of Friday The13th Part 3. Full of gratuitous Paddleball Shots.

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