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Stylistic Callback
Somewhere between Mythology Gag, Development Gag, Continuity Nod and Production Throwback. This is when a work references stylistic changes since prior works in the same series.

When this is used to refer to events that happened at the time of the referenced style, it's a Retraux Flashback.


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    Newspaper Comics 
  • Garfield marked its 25th anniversary with a Story Arc where 2003 Garfield meets 1978 Garfield.
  • This Luann strip that ran several days before its 25th anniversary has the 2010 main characters commenting on their 1985 designs. "I'm glad WE never looked that dumb..."
  • In one "Ginger Meggs" strip, Ginger has a caricature done and says it looks nothing like him. The caricature is the original, when-your-grandparents-were-young artwork.
  • There was an Alley Oop story arc a few years ago where Alley's no-good cousin Early Oop shows up in Moo and makes trouble by impersonating Alley, despite Alley's insistence that they look nothing alike. Early is designed to look like Alley's original appearance.

    Video Games 

     Web Animation 
  • This occurs in the Homestar Runner cartoon No Hands On Deck!
    Homestar Runner: Yeah, melonade! We haven't talked about that much lately! Maybe we can eat some (His head turns into his 2000 design's head)
    2000 Homestar: marshmallows (His head turns back to normal)
    Homestar Runner: too!

  • A Leaning on the Fourth Wall version appears in Girl Genius - the flashbacks are all presented in sepia tones, making them appear to be old print comics that have faded and browned. Surprisingly effective at conveying the point though.

     Western Animation 
  • In the The Simpsons episode "Homerazzi" there is one scene where Marge is taking a picture of Homer, Bart, and Lisa as they appeared on "The Tracy Ullman Show" under a banner saying "Happy 1987". After the picture is taken, they fix their hair to become the normal versions.
  • In Runaway Brain, after the mind swap Julius finds some photos in Mickey's wallet. One of them is of Mickey as he looked in Steamboat Willie.

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