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Stag Party
A guy has a wedding, and they usually throw a wild party as their last day as a bachelor before the wedding day. Often, it gets wild, often having a lot of beer and smoking. Sometimes, they'll also go to a strip club or hire a stripper for the party. Occasionally, the bride-to-be (or the wife of one of the invited, in some cases) will walk in on the party and be horrified at this aspect. Known as a Bachelor Party in the United States.

Recently, its been increasingly popular in comedy to show the guys try have a wild stag party only to have it fall apart in a disappointing fashion. The stripper is over the hill, or a guy. The stripper dressed up as a police officer is an actual policewoman. The car breaks down. Etc. Often, while the guys expect that the women are having something akin to a bridal shower or a Tupperware party, they're having a bachelorette party as wild as what the men were hoping for.

Somewhat of a Truth in Television, although it rarely ever gets as serious as above. Also note that its Distaff Counterpart, alternatively called a Hen Party or Bachelorette Party, has also become common.

Compare Wild Teen Party. See Jumping Out of a Cake for the stripper in the cake which is often included.

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  • A G-rated version of this appears in the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story "Empath's Wedding", where it starts off as the Smurfs' one last adventure with Gargamel in an Imaginarium fantasy setting, and then it turns into a beach dance party that most of Empath's fellow Smurfs (except for Tapper and Hefty) attend.

  • In Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer, shortly before Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman's wedding, Mr. Fantastic, under The Human Torch's suggestion, went to a dance club for their bachelor's party. Eventually the Invisible Woman and some of her friends stumble upon Mr. Fantastic talking it up with some of the female dancers.
  • Very Bad Things features a stag party that goes horribly wrong and results in the death of a stripper.
  • The film Bachelor Party, which is about Tom Hanks' character trying to keep his fidelity to his future wife intact while enjoying the hell out of himself at the party with his sex-crazed friends. And, of course, dealing with his future wife's unwanted suitor.
  • The Irish film The Stag is about a stag weekend in the country. The groom and his friends decide to have a relatively quiet hiking weekend, until the bride's brother turns up, causing hilarity to ensue.

  • In Twilight, Edward has a "bachelor party" which really just consists of him and his brothers going hunting the night before his wedding (to offset the chance any of them would go crazy and eat the guests).
  • Conversational Troping in the secton on weddings in the Discworld spinoff Nanny Ogg's Cookbook. Nanny points out that the best man has a difficult job, since part of it is to ensure that the groom turns up, looks smart, and is vertical, whereas the other part is to hold a party which guarantees none of these things will happen.

     Live Action TV 
  • Inverted in the Monk episode "Mr. Monk and the Big Wedding," where it was a bachelorette party. Basically, the party had the women hiring a male stripper (in cop uniform), where he asks the hostess if she has been a bad girl. However, it had to be cut short because Monk arrived to take Natalie, as one of the people at the mud baths discovered a dead body in one of the stalls, also taking the stripper with him (having mistook him for an actual cop, with the latter being at least familiar enough with cop-terms to understand the seriousness of the situation.)
    • Played straight and deconstructed in "Mr. Monk Is the Best Man," where Stottlemeyer let Monk plan the bachelor's party, and it was exceptionally bland, even leading to an inversion of the Designated Driver trope due to Monk only supplying one 12 oz. beer bottle to each guest (making 144 oz. total, as there were 12 people in attendance). The closest it got to being a serious party is when someone firebombed Stottlemeyer's car, something that an extremely drunk Disher reported to Stottlemeyer about someone illegally parking a charcoal-black car with "flames painted on the windows."
  • In the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode You Are Cordially Invited, Bashir and O'Brien find out that a traditional Klingon "bachelor party" is about as much fun as you can expect from anything Worf suggests. Jadzia's party is more in line with the trope: the entire station seems to have been invited, there's a shirtless fire-dancing guy, and the neighbors call security about the noise.
  • Friends,
    • In "The One With The Stripper" Phoebe lets it slip that Monica had a secret bachelorette party (in which she untied a G-string with her mouth) even though her and Chandler had agreed not to have one. To make up for it, she throws a bachelor party for him, and pays for a stripper. Unfortunately, the only other person who shows up is Joey, and the "stripper" is actually a prostitute.
    • Pheobe's own bachelorette party doesn't go well either. Monica arranges a refined party with people drinking tea, and when she learns that this isn't what Pheobe wanted hires a male stripper at the last minute. He's played by Danny De Vito. The title of the episode is "The One Where The Stripper Cries".
  • Doctor Who: The Doctor sneaks into Rory's Stag Party and jumps out of the cardboard cake. Hilarity Ensues.
  • In Sherlock, Sherlock and John go on a pub crawl as this. Both get drunk in a couple of hours. Sherlock had been pre-planning his alcohol assumption but John accidentally screwed up his plan by adding shots to their drinks.

     Newspaper Comics 
  • In one FoxTrot cartoon, Roger remarks reluctantly that he brought home a souvenir from a bachelor's party that he earlier claimed was boring where they drank and told jokes. It was strongly implied that Roger actually went to the Playboy Mansion and that he took one of the Playboy Bunny's rabbit ears, to which Jason, obviously not knowing what the ears were originally for, wore them to celebrate Easter.

  • C 0 DA by Michael Kirkbride, the sequel to The Elder Scrolls series, has one of these. It gets pretty weird, being in any way related to The Elder Scrolls lore. Jubal, the groom-to-be, has recently had his hands removed and is visited by Almalexia, the Hist, Kynareth, Akatosh and Talos, who transforms into full-blown Lorkhan as they drunk-stumble from the club.

     Western Animation 
  • The Simpsons had Homer Simpson attending a stag party where he, while drunk, danced with Princess Kashmir, an exotic dancer, an action that Bart stumbled upon while making his way back from the bathroom in the restaurant (It Makes Sense in Context) and photographed. It's technically a deconstruction, however, as the host and his father clearly did not want that kind of party, and yet somehow managed to get them anyway.
  • A Stag Party was a pretty big part of the premise of Family Guy's pilot episode "Death Has A Shadow." Unlike most examples, the major consequence of his going to a Stag Party doesn't involve losing his marriage or having a strained soon-to-be-marriage, as it is that Peter loses his job thanks to negligence via sleeping on the job.
  • On King of the Hill, Hank and his friends all apparently had the same bachelor's party: they sat around and played cards, and at some point managed to secretly put a ball and chain around the groom's ankle, which they thought was hilarious. They try to throw the same kind of party for Boomhauer's brother, but he winds up hiring strippers.
  • On Rocko's Modern Life, Filburt's friends throw him a bachelor party at an ice cream parlor. There's a (fully-clothed) woman dancing on top of the "bar," and everyone ends up with an ice cream hangover.
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